To help promote a healthy culture within a classroom, one must act accordingly and be the well in tune with the mentality of the class. Kids need to understand the teacher and more importantly, the teacher needs to understand their pupils. If not, it will be a futile attempt to try to get them to listen to them on any given day. Being a teacher is not easy but there are techniques that can help make their job less stressful.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learning how to learn is far more important than memorization of facts and figures.
  • Failure is part of the learning process, and it is just as important as success.
  • let curiosity bloom and with tools to explore, students not only can find the answer, but know how to use those tools later.

“The excellent ones are handing out fishing poles; creating a culture in the classroom of independence and self-reliance. These students don’t just recite facts or regurgitate information- they have learned how to learn. They know that if the answer isn’t in front of them, they have the tools to do the investigation and research.”

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