Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Help Preschoolers Develop With Educational Toys

Educational toys are a great way to help your preschooler develop those essential early skills that teachers like to see. Preschool is often the first time many children have to fend a little for themselves, and early exposure to educational toys can give your children the edge they need to excel.

One teacher has a hard time helping 20 children tie loose shoe strings, button sweaters and zipper coats, so children need to learn these activities for themselves. Educational toys are a fun way to help your children learn these simple skills during the context of playtime.

Wooden Lacing Sneakers from Melissa and Doug are wonderful educational toys for teaching your children how to tie their own shoes. Each shoe is painted bright red and white, happy colors that draw your children's attention. Candy striped shoe laces are meant to be laced and tied. While teaching your children how to lace and tie, you will also be aiding in the development of their fine motor skills. This same skill also helps your children grip pencils and crayons, another necessary school skill.

Manual Dexterity Vests are another great group of educational toys that help develop motor skills as your children learn to button, snap a zipper for themselves. You can purchase these educational toys separately or in sets for your convenience.

Educational toys offer a way to teach your children skills without making it seem like work. Make your children's playtime more productive by giving them educational toys from SensoryEdge.


Anonymous said...

My husband and I love the wooden lacing sneakers from Melissa and Doug. This product is of solid construction and our child loves to practice how to tie their shoes. Plus we do not have to worry about all the germs you can find on walking shoes.

Anonymous said...

I run a school daycare and love to introduce the wooden lacing sneakers to the children I care for. From my 5 month old to my 1st grader this has been a real treat. I am a big fan of educational/developmental toys and this one is great.

Anonymous said...

We purchased the combo manual dexterity vest for our child who has cystic fibrosis. He suffered from a secure when he was just 6 months old and since then has been affected with it on his left side. These vest have helped him gain strength in his left hand. Thanks for everything.

A thankful mother.