Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Learning To Tell Time The Fun Way

Learning to tell time can be a little difficult at first for many children. Remembering which hand tells what, how many minutes between each number, and AM from PM is a bit overwhelming to present all at once. But you can make learning to tell time a lot more fun for your child with these educational time toys from SensoryEdge.

The Shape Sorting Clock from Melissa & Doug is a wonderful way to introduce your child to the specifics of learning to tell time. This brightly painted wooden clock is easy to understand. The hands are marked 'hour' and 'minute' so it's easy to eliminate that confusion. Then, each of the numbers is a puzzle piece that only fits in the correct hole. Both one and five minute intervals are clearly marked, and the hands can be moved to show different times. Learning to tell time becomes a fun game instead of a dreary lesson.

Take learning to tell time to a whole other level with a Talking Clever Clock. Once children have the basics of learning to tell time down, this toy clock will teach them to solve time problems. There are two 2 skill levels to choose from so this clock will advance with your child as he/she is learning to tell time. Your child can even check answers with the self-checking quiz feature.

Why not make learning to tell time a truly fun experience for your child with one of these quality clock toys from SensoryEdge?

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