Monday, January 30, 2006

Science For Girls

National studies show that overall, girls are missing out on their science education. To remedy this, science for girls has to be presented in ways they can readily relate to. The proper context will make the subject of science for girls attractive and encourage girls to explore the possibilities science has to offer. This may one day translate to a career in medical or behavioral science.

A Fun With Your Dog Science Kit is a terrific way to promote science for girls. Girls are naturally interested in their pets, so why not put that interest to better advantage? This science for girls kit allows your daughter to test her dog's hearing with an ultrasonic whistle to prove whether or not dogs can really hear things we can't.

Your daughter can also use this science for girls kit to examine her dog's personality by learning how to read his body language. She can give her own dog and her friends' pets a full personality interview with this entertaining science for girls learning toy.

Spa Science is another perfect toy for promoting science for girls. Girls will learn the science behind making fizzy bath crystals, as well as how to make their own shampoos, healing face masks, spa lotions and more. Science for girls has never been so much fun, and it's just as easy as following a recipe. These science for girls kits are great for home use, but could also be a terrific meeting activity for Girl Scout Troops as well. The national Girl Scout movement is focusing on promoting science for girls this year, so these science for girls kits can make meeting planning a breeze.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Therapeutic Breath Control Toys Aid Speech Disorders

Therapeutic breath control toys can give speech therapists another tool to help children affected by speech disorders. Therapeutic breath control toys that require children to blow an object into position to continue the action actually help them develop the lip and tongue motor skills necessary for articulated speech.

A speech disorder can wreak havoc on a child's self esteem, so in many cases the services of a speech therapist are needed to aid the child's development. Everyone knows that when children are bored, they tune out and don't get all that they could out of their speech therapy sessions. Therapeutic breath control toys keep speech therapy sessions fun, and they won't even feel like they are working.

Try using therapeutic breath control toys to enhance the speech therapy sessions of all children with speech disorders.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Help Your Child Build Sorting Skills and Sequencing Skills

Sorting skills and sequencing skills will be used by your child throughout their life, whether it be in the classroom, or their future work place. Why not help your child get a head start on essential sorting skills and sequencing skills with fun toys especially designed to enhance them.

First up, a terrific sorting skills builder, the Shape Sorting Clock from Melissa and Doug. Not only will your child improve their sorting skills by placing the correctly shaped wooden blocks in the corresponding hole, they'll also be learning valuable time telling skills. This wonderful sorting skills toy is brightly colored to catch a child's eye, and it's sturdy wooden construction means it's going to last for many years to come.

The Stack & Sort Board by Melissa & Doug is another great toy to promote your child's sorting skills. Your child will learn to quickly sort items by color and shape. This toy also contributes to your child's fine motor skill development. An excellent way to promote really useful playtime.

The Wooden Bead Sequencing Set by Melissa & Doug teaches your child valuable sequencing skills as they learn to stack colorful wooden beads in sequence to match specific pattern cards. Not only will you be helping your child to acquire sequencing skills, you'll also be reinforcing reasoning and sorting skills as well as your child's motor development.

As you can see, playtime can do double duty with these wonderful sorting and sequencing toys.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Children Love A Play Tent

A play tent is just the thing to encourage imaginative play in your children. Remember when we were young and wished we had a special place that was all our own, just like the grown ups? Your children probably do too, so why not surprise them with a play tent from SensoryEdge.
We have so many styles and sizes to choose from that there is sure to be a play tent that would be a perfect match for your child's interests.

Boys would likely love a Command HQ play tent. This camouflage pattern nylon tent comes with mesh covered windows to let ventilation in and keep insects out. Let your little men have hours of imaginative play time scouting out the enemy and running reconnaissance missions from the safety of their home base back yard play tent.

Or perhaps a Fire House Kid's play tent would be more to your child's liking? Or maybe she'd rather play Pocahontas with a Giant Kid's Teepee play tent?

What little girl wouldn't be thrilled with her very own Princess Castle play tent? She can be Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty or any of her favorite story book princess characters with this wonderful play tent to spark her imagination. SensoryEdge has many more play tents that are perfect for setting your child's imagination into action.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Bed Tents Make Bedtime Fun

Bed tents can change your whole evening routine for the better. Are you tired of the nightly bedtime tug of war; the crocodile tears, drinks of water, and any excuse to get back up? Just the right bed tents can have your children running to bed instead of away from it.

Lady Bug bed tents can turn a dark and scary bedroom into a warm and cozy haven for little girls. These friendly red and black design bed tents look like a giant lady bug and fit right on your daughter's twin size bed. The mesh wings are actually windows, and these bed tents also have an inside pocket to hold a diary or anything else your little bed bugs want to keep close at hand.

Bed tents can help take the scary element out of going to bed. Once you have your child tucked in, you can leave a night light on as they quietly play themselves to sleep. No more tears and excuses. The right bed tents will be so appealing to your children that they'll probably volunteer to go to bed early.