Monday, February 27, 2006

Educational Games Perform Double Duty

It's important that children have entertaining outlets in addition to their schooling, but educational games can give you the best of both worlds. Educational games allow your children the opportunity to have fun while actually sharpening cognitive and motor skills. They're actually still learning, even though they may be having too good a time to realize it.

Animal Croquet Sets are terrific educational games that can be fun for the whole family. These educational games are designed for indoor or outdoor use and the brightly colored animal face brackets capture children's imaginations. As players work their way around the course, they learn to strategize in order to win. These educational games provide friendly competition and a little exercise too.

Who What Where? Jr. is another great example of educational games that are a lot of fun, yet still require children to use mental and physical skills. Players draw a card and have to sketch a picture to help other players guess which card they drew. Sometimes these educational games get downright silly, but that's just part of their charm. With thousands of card combinations, these educational games will entertain your children for a long time to come.

The See It and Sign It American Sign Language Game is one of the best educational games to teach your children sign language. These are also terrific educational games to keep in a classroom to enhance lessons about Helen Keller, and the special challenges faced by the deaf community.

Educational games are invaluable learning tools that help children reinforce existing skills and perhaps learn a few new ones as well.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Ride On Toys Provide Fun On The Go

What child doesn't love ride on toys? Ride on toys are a terrific way for children to pursue adventure with their active imaginations, and SensoryEdge has ride on toys suitable for all toddlers and grade school age children.

Your preschool children will love riding around in their new ride on toys. When they're ready for a rest, these ride on toys open up into activity centers, perfect for keeping toddlers busy all day long. These ride on toys were even voted 'Best Toy of the Year' by Parenting Magazine, so you can be assured they are sturdy as well as entertaining.

Our next ride on toys were actually featured on the Today Show. Plasma cars are terrific fun for children ages 3-12 years old, as they require a little more coordination to make them go. These innovative ride on toys move by turning the steering wheel from left to right. You children will be able to propel these ride on toys without any foot work of their own, and no battery is ever required.

SensoryEdge has many more ride on toys to inspire your children's imagination and enhance their active playtime.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Kids Costumes Aren't Just For Halloween

Kids Costumes Aren't Just For Halloween

When you think of kids costumes, don't just think of Halloween. Colorful kids costumes are great for enhancing any play time. SensoryEdge has a large selection of kids costumes that are the perfect accompaniment to many of our other fine children's toys and accessories.

By giving your children kids costumes, you are enhancing their playtime experience, and imaginative play is one of the main ways your children learn about the world around them. Why reserve the fun of wearing kids costumes just for Halloween? Let your children play dress up anytime with the great assortment of imaginative kids costumes at SensoryEdge.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Sugar And Spice - Everything Nice: Gifts For Girls

Even though we encourage our children to explore their horizons without many of the boundaries imposed in the past, there's no denying that girls and boys often have distinctly different preferences, and gifts for girls often reflect a more feminine point of view.

It can be a fine line. You want your daughter to know that the world can be her oyster, but you also don't want to squash her natural homemaking instincts either. At SendoryEdge, we believe gifts for girls can still be feminine and frilly without imposing limits on your daughter's imagination.

Case in point, our Rock A My Baby Rocking Horse. These rocking horses make wonderful gifts for girls. A pink pony is trimmed in complimentary pastels and heart shaped cut outs. A baby bed is mounted on the back of the seat, perfect for rocking a favorite baby doll or Teddy. These terrific gifts for girls even play a lullaby when the heart on the seat is pulled.

Peel & Stick Decals bring out creativity in girls. They'll be able to reposition most of the decals for a new look. Mom will love that the decals from Roommates don't leave sticky residue behind.

While gifts for girls don't necessarily have to be pink and frilly, you should never be afraid to give your daughter gifts that express traditional females roles either. There's room enough for everyone in this world, and gifts for girls can help you child discover just who she is.

Ball Pits; What Child Can Resist?

Ball pits and small children go together like peanut butter and chocolate. Kids simply can't resist diving into colorful ball pits and trying to bury themselves where they can spy on passers-by.

Ball pits make terrific toys to keep children occupied for hours. Doctor's offices, day cares and preschools can all make great use of children's ball pits to help children engage in active play to pass the time.

SensoryEdge carries a number of ball pits in different sizes and styles to fit the needs of private homes and public areas.

Large ball pits that work great in bigger rooms such as day cares and preschools. Children that may usually remain shyly on their own will find these ball pits hard to resist. Before you know it, they will be joining in on the fun and making new friends. These ball pits also have climbing towers with vinyl covered foam ramps with velcro attachments.

Our Mini-Nest Ball Pools are the perfect size ball pits for small children. The sturdy 4 inch thick vinyl covered foam sides provide cushioned safety for small children, and the attached floor mat helps keep the balls in the pit where they belong.

Ball pits provide irresistible fun for all children. Kids can exercise their bodies and their imaginations all at the same time. Why would you want to spend hours at Chuckie Cheese's listening to squealing children and coming home with a throbbing headache, when you can have one of these riotous ball pits for your own child's playroom?

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Help Preschoolers Develop With Educational Toys

Educational toys are a great way to help your preschooler develop those essential early skills that teachers like to see. Preschool is often the first time many children have to fend a little for themselves, and early exposure to educational toys can give your children the edge they need to excel.

One teacher has a hard time helping 20 children tie loose shoe strings, button sweaters and zipper coats, so children need to learn these activities for themselves. Educational toys are a fun way to help your children learn these simple skills during the context of playtime.

Wooden Lacing Sneakers from Melissa and Doug are wonderful educational toys for teaching your children how to tie their own shoes. Each shoe is painted bright red and white, happy colors that draw your children's attention. Candy striped shoe laces are meant to be laced and tied. While teaching your children how to lace and tie, you will also be aiding in the development of their fine motor skills. This same skill also helps your children grip pencils and crayons, another necessary school skill.

Manual Dexterity Vests are another great group of educational toys that help develop motor skills as your children learn to button, snap a zipper for themselves. You can purchase these educational toys separately or in sets for your convenience.

Educational toys offer a way to teach your children skills without making it seem like work. Make your children's playtime more productive by giving them educational toys from SensoryEdge.