Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Ride On Toys For Spring

Spring is almost here, and when the weather turns warm it's time for ride on toys. Your children have spent a good deal of the winter indoors, so perhaps one of our new ride on toys would be a good way to get them back out into the fresh air and sunshine.

Very young children will be thrilled to receive one of our ride-On Dinos from The Children's Factory. These dinosaur ride on toys are made from foam rubber covered in easy clean vinyl, with roller wheels attached at the base. Small children can safely ride without risking banging themselves on the dino's forgiving surfaces. These ride on toys are wonderful fun for children ages two through five.

Looking for something special? SensoryEdge has ride on toys that are out of the ordinary. The Flying Turtle ride on toys sit low to the ground, and children put their hands and feet on the same handle bars. A gentle side-to-side pressure on the handle bars sets these ride on toys in motion. You little ones will have hours of fun riding up and down the sidewalks.

Ever seen a California Chariot? These ride on toys are like a bicycle and two skateboards combined. All your child has to do is push with his/her feet to get things rolling and hop on the boards for a wild ride. These ride on toys are quickly becoming as popular as the scooter revolution of ten years ago.

SensoryEdge carries many other ride on toys that are sure to thrill any child, so feel free to browse our pages, and find the perfect gift for your little ones.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Help Time Pass Quicker With Waiting Room Toys

While many children dread going to the doctor, it's the time spent in the waiting room that parents find most difficult. But the right waiting room toys can make the situation bearable for everyone.

Hands On Wall Toys are a never-ending source of entertainment. These waiting room toys provide all the fun of finger painting, but without the messy paints. This cheerful looking wall unit looks something like a chalkboard, but actually uses heat sensitive film technology. All your child has to do is touch the board to make colors appear. He can draw pictures, write letters and numbers, or simply make his handprints. He's only limited by his imagination when playing with these waiting room toys. Parents will be happy to know that these waiting room toys may also be wiped clean with disinfectant to prevent the spread of germs.

Giant Giggle Mirror waiting room toys are bound to bring a smile to even the sickest child's face. Remember how much fun it was to stand in front of the fun house mirror at carnivals when you were a kid? These waiting room toys work the same way. Children can stand in front and get a laugh from their distorted refection. If they move just a little, the picture changes dramatically.

These waiting room toys can also be mounted in individual exam rooms to keep children occupied until it's their turn with the doctor. They take up almost no space and will never be left scattered on the floor like the other waiting room toys.

Waiting room toys are a wise investment for all doctor and dental offices because if you keep your clients happy they'll keep coming back.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Learning To Tell Time The Fun Way

Learning to tell time can be a little difficult at first for many children. Remembering which hand tells what, how many minutes between each number, and AM from PM is a bit overwhelming to present all at once. But you can make learning to tell time a lot more fun for your child with these educational time toys from SensoryEdge.

The Shape Sorting Clock from Melissa & Doug is a wonderful way to introduce your child to the specifics of learning to tell time. This brightly painted wooden clock is easy to understand. The hands are marked 'hour' and 'minute' so it's easy to eliminate that confusion. Then, each of the numbers is a puzzle piece that only fits in the correct hole. Both one and five minute intervals are clearly marked, and the hands can be moved to show different times. Learning to tell time becomes a fun game instead of a dreary lesson.

Take learning to tell time to a whole other level with a Talking Clever Clock. Once children have the basics of learning to tell time down, this toy clock will teach them to solve time problems. There are two 2 skill levels to choose from so this clock will advance with your child as he/she is learning to tell time. Your child can even check answers with the self-checking quiz feature.

Why not make learning to tell time a truly fun experience for your child with one of these quality clock toys from SensoryEdge?

Monday, March 13, 2006

Promote Creative Learning With Easels

Did you know that when you promote creative learning for your child you're helping to improve all his/her learning skills? It's true. Creative learning involves fine and gross motor skills as well as cognitive skills, all of which come into play at some point in your child's education. Creative learning can give your children the kind of head start that will put them on the path to scholastic success.

Easels are a wonderful tool to promote creative learning, and children just love them. Big or small, there's an easel that is just perfect for your child here at SensoryEdge.

A 3-Way Adjustable Easel is the perfect tool for promoting creative learning among children of different ages. All three sides may be adjusted for each child's height, and because the boards are straight, not slanted, they are more accessible for wheel chair bound children. Optional chalkboard and dry erase panels are also available and help keep the creative learning fresh and fun.

Creative learning can take place anywhere, anytime, even in the back seat of your car on the way to Grandma's house. It will be your quietest road trip ever!

Creative learning comes naturally when you provide your child with one of these wonderful easels from SensoryEdge.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Spell It Out With Spelling Toys

Help your children improve their spelling skills the fun way with spelling toys. There's nothing like educational toys to take the drudgery out of learning, and SensoryEdge has spelling toys to get your little ones firmly on the path to scholastic success.

Just look at our Alpha Bug Step and Spell Play Mat. These clever spelling toys will have your children doing some fancy footwork and loving every minute of it. These spelling toys help teach your children the alphabet as well as letter sounds and vowel recognition. Your child will even learn short words while enjoying these spelling toys. Music is also used as a spelling tool, and your children can step along with the ABC song. These spelling toys feature a happy little bookworm whose body is made up of each letter.

See & Spell from Melissa and Doug are durable wooden spelling toys that will keep children busy for hours. Each set has 70 individual wooden letters and 10 double sided spelling boards. These spelling toys promote early letter recognition in preschoolers, which in turn boosts early reading skills. These spelling toys come in their own storage case, so they're portable too.

If you can combine play time with education, you can give your child a head start that will last a life time. Spelling toys are just one example of the quality educational toys and accessories available to parents through SensoryEdge, so take some time to browse through our pages and see what we can do for your children.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Quality Play Tables From SensoryEdge

Activity tables offer children plenty of fun, while offering parents the convenience of a contained play area. Any parent who's ever accidentally stepped on a stray building block knows the value of the old adage 'A place for everything, and everything in it's place'. Play tables offer that and more.

All children seem fascinated with train sets and our Train Play Tables keep the tracks off the ground and out from under your feet. These wonderful play tables come with a 120 piece train set and other vehicles and accessories such as a fire and bus station. 

Each of these play tables has three storage bins beneath to keep things organized. The landscaped base is reversible whenever your children want a change of scenery. These play tables are also constructed to last. Table edges are curved, so no danger of sharp point and the T-molding helps to prevent chipping also. A half inch lip around the exterior of these play tables helps keep toys from rolling off onto the floor.

SensoryEdge also has a variety of other theme Play tables, so you're sure to find the perfect set to encourage your children to engage in imaginative play.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Play Therapy Improves Balance And Coordination

Play therapy is an invaluable way to aid children in developing physical skills. Undoubtedly, some children face larger physical challenges than others and play therapy provides a way to incorporate physical therapy into any play session. SensoryEdge recognizes the importance of play therapy and we provide many quality toys and activities to help children develop to their fullest potential.

Play therapy can be used to enhance balancing skills. Our Wooden Balance Beam provides a six foot length for children to practice on in a very safe, low to the ground environment. Children can imagine they are competing at their own Olympics, and who knows, maybe some day they will.

These sturdy play therapy Balance Beams come with their own base for added stability. Add a cushioned floor mat and your have the perfect play therapy station to help children improve their balancing skills.

River Stones are another way to include play therapy into any physical therapy session. Every one of these play therapy stones has varying degrees of size and steepness, so you can rearrange them for a fresh course. Not only will these play therapy toys help children learn better balance, they help improve overall coordination and judgement skills.

These play therapy toys can be combined and turned into an imaginative game where children must overcome challenges as part of a journey. Incorporate the Balance Beam and pretend it is a fallen tree over a ravine, then use the River Stones for another crossing. Let children create their own story to follow and you'll have a wonderful play therapy session.

With a little imagination, you can use play therapy toys in many ways that will benefit children and help them develop physical skills they'll use the rest of their lives.