Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Children's Desks. Sized for Students and Little Artists

A child-sized desk is a compliment to any children's room's décor. They come in endless styles, from cute to contemporary, to playful, to old fashioned. What a child-sized desk also does, though, is helps to inspire children to sit, and be creative. They have a dedicated place to draw, to write, to read, or whatever their heart desires.

For a more traditional space, there are child sized roll top desks. These compliment any décor, and are available in a wide range of colors, including many shades of natural wood tones. This type of desk will surely compliment your space if your child uses old-fashioned style or antique furniture that's been passed down to them. 

For smaller spaces, you could consider using an old school style desk and chair that are one piece. These are available in many fun styles and colors, and are great for very small children. If your child has a computer, there are even small compact computer desks available. Many of these desks have enough room to safely hold the computer, as well as extra desktop space to draw or color on.

If you have a budding artist on your hands, there are no shortage or art and activity centers. Some even have easels attached, or holders on the sides for rolls of drawing paper. Whatever your child loves, there is certain to be a desk available to suit his or her unique style.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Burst Resistant Fitballs

Every kid loves bouncy balls. No matter how advanced, electronic, or "ahead of their time" a toy may be, kids still love the classic toys - like balls! Balls are not just for kickball anymore, however. A fitball, or balance ball, is a great tool to have around. One emerging trend is to use a balance ball as seating. Some teachers are now using these in their classrooms instead of chairs. Several studies have shown that as many as 90% of students do not fit their classroom furniture properly. A balance ball, like the Gymnic Maxafe ball is a great replacement for traditional chairs.

These balls are fantastic for fidgety kids, because the kids focus their extra energy into staying balanced. These balance balls offer lots of other benefits as well. Balance balls promote proper posture, balance, trunk control, and more. Balls like the FitBall are a big hit with music teachers as well. Proper posture is imperative when playing a musical instrument, so this type of ball is a perfect choice for music classes. Balls can also promote group play with children.

If safety is a concern for some people, there's no need to worry with the  Fitball. This FitBall is the only burst resistant ball with dynamic elasticity. It is made from a special material that resists bursting, because it stops a cut from expanding. Rather than bursting, the ball will deflate slowly if punctured. The FitBall is also weight tested for over six hundred pounds, so it is a perfect choice for anyone. Not only is the FitBall a great choice for the physical benefits, but it's also a fun, colorful, and funky choice for furniture.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Kids Love Chunky Puzzles

Do you ever remember playing with fun Chunky Puzzles when you were a little kid? You may have had a couple of favorite Chunky Puzzles that you used to play with from time to time. These kinds of puzzles were just perfect for you to play with, and your children will enjoy playing with Chunky Puzzles now as well.

Why not treat your kids to a fun Sea Creatures Chunky Puzzle? This puzzle is just right for children ages 2 and older to play with because all of the pieces are extremely easy for them to pick up with their small hands. The Sea Creatures Chunky Puzzle is fabulously made with solid wood and there are even fun pictures under each of the pieces for an added surprise. Watch as your child picks up each of the pieces that include a whale, starfish, shark and more.

For the little handyman or fix-it lady in your family, the Chunky Tools Puzzle is just right for about any project! Kids just love to pick up all of the pieces and place them in the right spots. For an extra bonus, all of these tool-shaped pieces also stand up so that they can be used for hours of fun with pretend play. Why not give your little one some type of project to fix around the house? They can take one of the pieces from the Chunky Tools Puzzle to help them out. In this great Chunky Tools Puzzle they will find pieces that include a saw, hammer, measuring tape and others.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Pretend, Play and Learn!

From the minute a child begins to grow, they begin to play and also mimic some of the things that they see in the world around them. Little girls may want to try their mother's clothes on and play dress up, and little boys may want to wear their daddy's big boots around the house. Playing pretend is one way that a child learns quite a bit about the world around them, how to react as well as interact with others, while learning amazing and beneficial social skills.

The Pretend and Play Snack Shop is a great way for children to have fun while learning to socialize, prepare pretend foods and even sell them to their friends or family members! Children have a great time setting up the Pretend and Play Snack shop that is filled with play money, snacks, a board where they can write specials and much more. Parents also seem to really enjoy playing pretend with their child along with the help of this fun set. The Pretend and Play Snack Shop also comes in a great size that is also convenient for storage and carrying so that your child can play pretend anywhere they wish!

Have your kids ever asked you if they could head off to the office along with you? Whether or not they have, the Pretend and Play Office Set is a really cool way for kids to learn in a fun, business-like manner. They even get a briefcase that is has all kinds of items inside such as paychecks, a desk calendar, pretend stapler and even a cell phone complete with sound. Just imagine how grown up your children will feel when they play with this fun Pretend and Play Office Set!