Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Science in the Summer

Even thought summer break from school is almost upon us, you're kids don't have to stop the learning. Stimulate your children to look at things a little more scientifically with a science project kit.

If you have a preschooler who hasn't yet had the chance to experience in-classroom learning, My First Science Kit is a great way to introduce your young Einstein or Marie Curie to the fact science is everywhere. This science project is built around letting kids create their own colored crystals. Your little scientist can set up their own color-mixing laboratory and see what results different color combinations give. There are 10 fun experiments in this kit and it is guaranteed to open you little one's eyes to the fun that science can be.

If your child is having trouble getting interested in science, make it fun. All kids love creepy things and there is a science kit made just for the kid who needs something a little edgy to make it interesting. Check out the Disgusting Science for Kids project kit. Your child can grow some friendly germs and some interesting fuzzy molds. They can also make their own stinky intestine with this truly gross but extremely enjoyable science project kit.

Learning about science doesn't have to stop just because school is out, make it fun for your kids and they'll gain knowledge and gain a love of science that they will retain for a lifetime.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Themed Rugs Keep Your Kids Entertained and Learning

As you know from watching your children at play, they spend a lot of time on the floor. Why not stimulate their brains with a of the durable and versatile themed rugs and carpets?

Math can be made more fun with an Addition Rug. This rug is very comfy and equally as colorful. The rug has addition/subtraction tables that your child can follow with their finger and get the correct answer. Through practice, your child will absorb math and a love of numbers.

Safety is a big issue. Almost everything time you say "No" to your child, it is to keep him or her from doing something that will get them hurt. The 123 ABC Fire Safety Rug teaches your children something every child should learn as early as possible that is how to be safe in the event of a fire, including "Stop, Drop, and Roll". The rug contains easy to remember and fun to say safety phrases and has a bright red fire engine emblazoned in the center.

A Tree For All Seasons Rug is a charming way to teach your child about the four seasons and what is special about each one. Your child will learn what makes each season different and how to identify the changing seasons as they are happening.

If you home school or you would like your child to have a greater grasp on his or her numbers, the Calendar Rug is a very handy way to do that. This carpet helps teach the days of the week, months of the year, as well as reinforcing number and letter recognition. This is a very interactive carpet that comes with 31 days and four holidays to arrange so the carpet can apply to the child's schedule.

Your children can learn while they play, make the place they play a learning experience with this creative rugs and carpets.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Watch Your Child Tickle The Ivories

If your child is like many other children of his or her age, he or she is probably amazed by the beautiful sound of music. When you have a child who has a love for nice melodies and the sounds of different instruments, you may want to explore their creative side with a children's size piano. This is a wonderful way to get them involved in music as well as learning a great skill that they can share with others and be very proud of.

When getting such a child size piano for your own son or daughter, you will want to look around to find just the right one to fit their comfort zone and their needs. The thing that is so fabulous about these smaller pianos is that they are quite a bit easier to learn on. Also, they are nowhere near as large as other pianos for adults, so there is much less chance of your child feeling intimidated when they sit down to try to learn to play.

A great way to get started is with My First Piano, which is made by the Shoenhut Piano Company specifically for little learning fingers. This toddler friendly piano is a great way for a young child to begin to explore their musical side, with 18 keys and fun, bright red color.

When your child seems to need something on a bit grander scale, you can always step up to the 30-Key Fancy Baby Grand Piano. This beautiful piano encourages learning with a color strip to help memorize the keys for certain songs.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Music Soothes The Child's Soul

Most everyone already knows that music can be great therapy for just about anything. From children to adults, we are all in tune to certain kinds of music that can lift our spirits and make us feel wonderful. When it comes to letting your child explore their creative side, there is just nothing quite as amazing as watching them express themselves through music. This is why it is such a great idea to help your child along by introducing them to different instruments for different sounds and fun in musical exploration.

Many adults are sure to remember a certain musical instrument that they used to play on when they were younger. For many children growing up, it is a great deal of fun to enjoy the sounds of the xylophone. The Schoenhut Xylophone for Children is a magical way for your child to be introduced to the lovely sounds that they can make. Not only is this xylophone built to be the perfect size for a child, it is also made to help encourage musical play through ease of learning. This instrument comes with a very easy to understand music book that will help your child so that they will be come an xylophone master in no time!

If you have a child who seems to be in love with the sounds that come out of any type of instrument, you may want to go with the Band in a Box, by Melissa & Doug. Not only are there a bunch of great instruments for your child to explore, there are plenty so that they can even gather up some of their friends to form a wild and crazy band for hours of fun. Even the littlest of children will enjoy hand cymbals, a tambourine, triangle and more!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Toys That Bring Sensory Success

Does your child love to go outside and get dirty? Well, many children really love to do this because they are having fun. The whole getting dirty part is just an added bonus to them. But, did you know that such play can actually help them work on all of their different sensory skills, such as their visual and tactile senses? There are actually a number of great toys that you can get for your child that will give them the same feeling of getting dirty outside, but in a much more controlled setting.

For a child who loves to dig and explore in a sandbox, you could always look to the fabulous Wooden Sand Tray. Kids can actually do all kinds of drawings without having to go through all sorts of paper at home. This way, they can play around and make great designs in the sand and have an awesome time. You can even get a whole set of Sand Tray accessories where you will get items like a sand pen, control sticks, magnetic ladybugs and more.

Any kid who likes things a little bit messier can always use the help of the Activity Sand & Water Table. This thing can even be set up outdoors as well as indoors. You will never have to worry about placing this table outside, because there is a convenient lid that is added n. Parents will usually suggest filling their box with items such as beans, sand or water. Sit back and watch your children have a blast with this Activity Sand & Water Table.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Having Fun While Exercising

When you get a chance to watch your kids having a great time playing, it is always a wonderful added bonus to see that they are getting a good amount of exercise at the same time. Of course, great exercise can come in many different forms. Your children get exercise when they are riding bikes, jumping rope or even digging around in their sandbox. It is also quite helpful if you have some decent toys around that will both spark their imagination as well as get them moving in a healthy manner.

The Maze Balancing Board may be just the thing that you need to help your child work on their coordination and balancing skills. The possibilities for helping your child sharpen their reflexes are just amazing when you have the help of this durable toy. Just think about how easy it will be to get your child going when they are challenged by such a fun task. This is a wonderful way for you to know just how much your child is able to benefit from one of their toys.

Is there any such thing as a child who does not love playing on a see saw? Well, you should go ahead and treat your children to all of the fun with the Extendable See Saw. This great, fun piece of equipment is sure to bring a smile to the face of any child. There are actually four seats for teeter totter riders to enjoy, and you can even place this item indoors or outdoors.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Picnics and Tea Time! Outdoor Kids Furniture

There are all kinds of wonderful things that can come about from children playing with others, especially when they can play pretend with great furniture. When the weather is nice, kids will generally begin to think about being outside having picnics and barbecues. Some little girls may even begin to want to head out on the lawn from time to time so that they may have a lovely tea party with their friends.

A Child's Picnic Table is an amazing way for your kids to get out on a beautiful day and enjoy a picnic with friends. You may even want to set this table out for the children when you are having a large family barbecue or backyard gathering. This is a quality crafted table made from sturdy wood so that you can be sure that it will stand the test of time. There is even a lovely red and white checker pattern on the top so it almost gives the illusion of one of the famous picnic blankets. 

For the little girl who just loves to play host at her very own tea party, there is just nothing that compares to the KidKraft Brighton Table and Chair Set. What you get in this set is a gorgeous white table and two colorful chairs. The colors that you may choose from for the chairs are buttercup, sky, lavender, sage, pink and white. Just imagine setting up this table under the shade of a tree and helping your little girl plan her tea party. It is quite wonderful to see all of the enjoyment in the face of a child when they have a chance to do something that is special to them.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Encourage Interaction With Others Through Play

Most children usually love to play and interact with other children. If you happen to have a child who does not interact or seems to want to but needs a little bit of encouragement, there are a few things that are sure to help them out. Even if a child is a bit shy, you would be completely amazed at just how much toys can bring them out of their shell.

Music is a wonderful way for children to be able to connect with one another. To get your child to interact with others, you may want to enlist the help of Band In A Box by Melissa & Doug. This fun collection of instruments will have your child playing away in no time. Included in this fun set you will find a wooden clacker, triangle, tambourine, percussion stick, hand cymbals and even two brightly colored maracas. Invite some other children over and watch the marching band take shape!

Help your children have an amazing time interacting through puppetry with a puppet theatre. There is just nothing like seeing kids work with one another to put on a fun puppet show for other friends or their parents. When you get a few great puppets to go with the Center Stage Puppet Theatre, you will find that you child will have hours and hours of fun, interaction and learning ahead of them.