Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Let Them Make Music and Fun!

If your child frequently has play dates or has a good number of friends over on a frequent basis, a good group activity that all children can enjoy is a musical one. Children love music and in addition to listening to music, most children enjoy making their own music even more.

A good solution to finding an activity a small group of children can do is found in Doug and Melissa's Band in a Box. This fun set includes 10 favorite and easy to play instruments. Your children can enjoy shaking a colorful set of maracas, jangling a tambourine to the beat, the "ting" of a triangle, hand cymbals that are easy to play, a wooden clacker to keep the beat going, and a percussion stick. Your children can play different instruments and then switch so everyone gets a chance to play everything and learn what their favorite instrument is.

For even more fun, set up your video camera and let your children play their instruments and make their own music "video". They'll be thrilled watching themselves on television playing their little hearts out. Music instruments will stimulate the creative side of your children and this fun box set will get a lot of use over the years as your children experiment and discover exactly how each instrument is used. Also, talk to your children and encourage them to tell you what their favorite instruments are and why they like them, it will be a great way to encourage your child to talk about their likes and dislikes and self expression is another important skill that can be developed through music.

If your kids are telling you they have nothing to do this summer, get them the gift of music and let them push their creative talents to the limits of their imaginations.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Making Fun with Magneatos

Children love to create and build. Even in this day and age of computerized everything, video games and other electronic devices, a toy that works by simply connecting to itself will have your children hooked on playing with Magneatos.

Magneatos are great toys that promote hand and eye coordination, spatial awareness and judgment skills, not to mention they will really stimulate the imagination of your children. If you have more than one child or a group of children that will be using these, group play will also be encouraged along with cooperation when they work together to create different designs.

The Magneatos original set which was made for younger children has jumbo sized pieces that are easy for little hands to handle and as each piece is magnetic, there is no snapping, aligning or fitting complex pieces together. All a child has to do is touch the pieces together and magnets go into action and hold together. Magneatos won the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Award in 2005 and the Oppenheim SNAP (Special Needs Adaptable Product) award as these are very good developmental tools for children that have special needs.

Now for older children that want something a little more complex than the original set, there is now an intermediate level set for them to use. These Magneatos are smaller in size and allow for more complex designs with more details. This set is available in the following sizes: 32 pieces, 66 pieces, 114 pieces or the super fun 240 pieces.

The Magneatos 144 Piece Set will give older children and children who have mastered the original Magneatos hours of fun creating and building towers and other designs their imaginations come up with.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Plasma Cars - Fun in Motion!

Getting your kids involved in fun outdoor activities is a priority for every parent. More and more parents are skipping the DVDs and video games as entertainment sources for their children and opting for toys that promote active play and development of important motor skills such as hand and eye coordination and cognitive skills.

A great riding toy that will promote both of these skills highly is a Plasma Car. These fun riding toys are made from very strong, yet lightweight ABS plastics that create a smooth and comfortable sitting area for your child. This car comes in brilliant colors that are sure to delight any child and with a little practice any kid can master riding and steering a Plasma Car. There are no batteries to recharge, no gears to switch and this car doesn't even have pedals that can frustrate smaller children who have not yet mastered moving their arms and feet at the same time as required with tricycles and other small riding toys.

The secret to the Plasma Car is the simplicity of design. It has 6-wheels for stability, a comfy seat and foot rests that go towards the front of the car. To make the Plasma Car move forward, your child simply rotates the steering wheel continuously back and forth from left to right. When your child is ready to stop, he or she simply stops moving the steering wheel and when the car slows down, your child just puts their feet on the ground and the car will come to a complete stop.

If you have a large flat area for your children to ride their Plasma Cars on, these cars can attain a speed of over 6 MPH. Additionally, the versatile cars can also go in reverse quite easily, simply switch the 4 front wheels of the car to the back and move the larger back wheels forward to the front of the Plasma Car. The car will go backwards until you move the wheels back to their original positions.

If you would like a toy that is earth-friendly, kid powered and will promote motor skills in your child, a Plasma Car will be the perfect toy for your needs.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Using Art to Stimulate Your Children's Creativity

Using art is a wonderful way to bond with your child. As you know, the right side of the brain (talents and skills), and left-brain activity (logical thinking) are responsible for certain activities that we partake in and you can use art to stimulate both sides of your child's gray matter. 

More and more children are spending their free time at the keyboard typing away on computers or idly sitting in front of a video game screen for hours on end, neither activity stimulates your child's creativity.

A great kit for jump-starting your child into the world of art creation is the My Masterpiece from Creations by You. This kit will allow your budding artist to complete a masterpiece of their own and then they can send the finished artwork in to be enlarged and framed. Imagine how they will feel when you hang their framed artwork on your wall and proudly display it? This can be a real self-esteem booster for children as well.

The KidKraft Art Table is fantastic for stimulating the creative side of children and it is big enough that a small group of children can work on a group project or various projects of their own. This table holds many items and keeps them handy for all the art your kids can dream up to create.

Art is fantastic for helping children develop their creative sides and unleash their artistic potential, help your children express themselves through art!

Monday, June 12, 2006

Toys That Develop Fine Motor Skills

Children acquire new skills easiest and learn the fastest through play. Whether it is one on one or in a group, fine motor skills can be learn ed and practiced through creative play.

For the development of fine motor skills, the Developmental Play Cube is a winner. This clever toy encompasses the tools to help your children both manual dexterity and self-dressing skills. The cube is very soft as it is constructed from vinyl-covered foam. There are zippers to zip, buttons, laces the lace through eyelets and practice tying bows and knots as well as Velcro and snapping closures. One fun game a group of children can play would be to choose a side of the cube with laces, snaps and velcro and then lace, snap and attach to see who can accomplish this the fastest. Use either a kitchen timer to give a time limit to get the tasks done for younger children or a stopwatch to see how fast each child is.

The Developmental Panel is another great toy for helping your children's manual dexterity skills grow. With each use they will acquire more and more skills for using buttons, zippers, lacing and velcro - all necessary skills for self-dressing.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Outdoor Toys - Fitness and Fun for Kids

With childhood obesity at an all time high, outdoor toys are more important than ever for getting your kids the exercise they want and need. Additionally, outdoor toys encourage group play and in these days of video games and activities that limit physical movement and social interaction, it is more important than ever that children have a fun and safe place to expend their energies and get exercise.

More outdoor fun is found for your kids in the Feber Faux Wood House. This toy requires no assembly and is great for your kids to play on all year round. There are 2 side ladders and an activity table. There is also a fun wavy slide for your kids to zoom down. This toy will encourage climbing and the activity table will encourage imaginations. Best of all, this toy has one more trick; the activity table flips over and will convert to a sandbox.

Outdoor toys are the best way for your children to play with toys that will keep both your child's mind and body active and growing.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Outdoor Playhouses - Great Pretend Fun!

Children love having their own special places to play, whether it is a cardboard box that has magically become a castle in their own minds or even better, one of these fabulous playhouses, your children will have hours of fun making up their own stories and scenarios.

The Kid's Teepee is available in 3 sizes: small, medium and large. The tent part of the teepee is constructed of heavy 100% cotton canvas fabric and there is paint included so your children can decorate their teepees in any way they choose,. There is a large double flap door so the teepee is very easy to enter and exit which is especially good for smaller children that might become frustrated with a playhouse that has a door that is hard for little hands to open, the simple flap design of this teepee solves that problem. The umbrella design of this teepee makes set up and put up very easy and quick. These teepees can be used either indoors or outdoors and best of all, shipping is free.

If you have a young general in your midst, he will love the Command HQ Play Tent. This play tent has a camouflage pattern all over and is made of flame retardant material that meets current safety standards for use by children. The tent has a tie back door so your young soldier can dive in the door of his HQ if he needs to. He can view others through the stealth black "no see um" mesh windows. This tent is for indoor or outdoor use.

Pretend play is wonderful for expanding your child's imagination and it also is a wonderful for creating group play activity when you include a fun playhouse for children to center their games around.