Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Toys That Stimulate Special Needs Children

If you have a special needs child, no one has to tell you about the frustration in finding not only age appropriate toys for your child but also toys that stimulate and the child can enjoy. Special needs children love to play and learn as much as any other child, they just need to do it a little bit differently.

One thing many special needs children have in common is that they lack finger dexterity and a Basic Skill Discovery Pentagon is perfect for helping child learn the basic finger skills for dressing themselves. Lacing, zippers, buttons and more are covered around this pentagon and each side of the pentagon brings a new skill to master. One way to entertain a group of children is to play music and let them try to zip, button and lace as much as they can and stop the music and everyone has to move around the pentagon. Begin the music again and everyone does whatever is before them and continues what the other person started. The person to finish completing a side first is the winner.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Educational Toys Don't Have to Be Boring

If you think all educational toys need to be dull because they are learning toys, think again. Many toys are fun and educational and it's been proven through study after study that children learn best and retain that knowledge and skilled learned through play.

You can make your child's room or their classroom a fun learning area. Start off by using an educational rug that will stimulate learning by teaching the ABC's and 123's. These fun designs have great color and are built to last. Classroom rugs are also a great way to organize your students, especially rugs with grids. It's a great way to encourage physical activity as well as learning. 

Blocks are another great item for learning. You can get all sorts of blocks that will encourage letter and object recognition. Plus your children can use a learning rug as a foundation to play with their blocks or other toys on and keep the learning fun.

If you're looking for some educational items that won't put your kids to sleep, be choosy and add items that offer a lot of opportunities for both learning and fun.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Learning is Fun Through Pretend Play

The problem many parents find with the toys of today is they don't stimulate children to indulge in creative and imaginative play. Even coloring books have gone electronic where the child merely picks the color and the toy fills it in. These type of toys are fine for learning hand and eye coordination or learning to ascertain what different buttons do but they do nothing to open the minds of children. 

That's where pretend play toys come in.

There are a good number of toys that will entice your children to pretend they are doctors, chefs and other occupations as well as toys that let children build towns and play the part of everyone in it. Pretend play toys are great for small groups of children to learn to listen to each other's ideas as well as cooperate when making up scenarios to play out.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Every Little Girl Should Have A Doll House

Do you remember when you were young and you had the chance to play with an incredible dollhouse? The reason why doll houses are such an amazing item for young children to play with is because they can offer to many incredible hours of pretend play. This is why every little girl, should have the chance to play with a great dollhouse.

Doll houses are a magical toy that you can play with to let your mind wander, all the while exploring all of the possibilities of pretend play. Studies have shown that the more pretend playtime that younger children have, the higher the chances of high creativity levels as they grow. You are sure to find that the addition of a dollhouse into your home for your kids will be an investment that is well worth the money that you will spend.

The Fashion Dollhouse by KidKraft is an excellent choice whether you run a daycare, are looking for something for your kindergarten class or even for your own children. This incredible house is over four feet in height and filled with all kinds of rooms loaded with terrific wooden furniture. The colors of the house are very bright and welcoming and there is even a safety hinge on the flip top roof so that no fingers will get pinched during play time. Introducing this dollhouse into your child's life might be one of the smartest moves you make when it comes to toys.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Bringing Outdoor Fun Inside

Children love to go outside to explore for a while and get completely caught up in nature. In addition to that, there are plenty of things that a child can do to play pretend and have an amazing time while they are outside. If you happen to be the proud parent of a child who really loves the outdoors, you might want to think about bringing some of those elements inside when the weather is cold or rainy.

If you are wondering just how this is possible, you should know that bringing outside elements inside might be a little bit easier than you would think, especially when you have the help of an incredible play set. The perfect item for your little nature lover is definitely the Melissa and Doug Tree House Play Set. This wonderful play set encourages children to take part in pretend adventures that can keep them occupied all day long. You might even find that you will want to sit right down and play along with them!

Included in the Melissa and Doug Tree House Play Set are great accessories such as a trap door, pulley system, tire swing, two play figures, a comfortable hammock that they can relax in and much more. You and your child should enjoy the realistic looking foliage and all of the possible play scenarios. When it is windy, raining or even snowing outside, this indoors play set is just perfect for nature pretend play!

Monday, December 04, 2006

Pretend Baking Made Easy

Whether you have a son or a daughter, you will find that all children just love to help you out in the kitchen, especially if you are going to be baking delicious cupcakes or cookies. However, because appliances can be complicated and the oven and stove get too hot, this may not always be an option. This is when the perfect gift of a pretend baking set can come in really handy!

You and your child are sure to have hours upon hours of fun and incredible bonding time when you give them a chance to use the Super Baking Set while you are cooking in the kitchen. Go ahead and clear them a space on the counter or the table and let them get going with their own baking set so they can pretend that they are cooking just like you.

Food Play

Some of the awesome items that are included in this fun set include a rolling pin, pastry wheel, mixing bowl, different shaped cookie cutters, measuring utensils and more! There is even an oven mitt so they can pretend that they are taking their baked goods in and out of the oven.

Once your child begins exploring pretend play with this baking set, you might just find that he or she will end up growing with a want to cook and bake. As they grow older, they can eventually take their pretend play a little bit further with real baked goods. Until that time, this pretend baking set is just right for little hands and growing minds!