Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Learning Side by Side with Wild Zoo

In this day and age children seem to grow and mature at an alarming rate. So many things they are exposed to now would have never even been considered years ago. While this is believed to be a good thing there are times when any child may feel a little lost. Maybe they don't grasp a concept as quickly as their schoolmates or friends, which oftentimes leads to frustration.

Sometimes children are not entirely receptive to having a parent or teacher try to explain something. It may make them feel like they are way behind everyone else. However, you may have noticed they are slightly more comfortable with instructions from someone a little closer to their age. Not exactly their age or grade as that may make them feel more frustrated when they do not grasp an idea or problem.

The Buddy Two Child Computer Desk is a wonderfully designed product that may make the extra bit of learning a little easier to do. It seats up to two children with the extra wide 30.5" seat. The desktop is deep enough for a large computer with the capability of storing a full size tower below the desk. This arrangement allows two children to sit side by side which enables a great deal of hands-on interaction. It is sturdily built and has dent resistant edge banding.

Naturally the biggest advantage is the fact that they can be side by side, learning through both watching and participating. This arrangement lends itself to a more compatible type learning, rather than someone standing in front of them, or over them, which may make them feel small and insignificant.


Anonymous said...

This seems like a great toy and what the article says makes alot of sense. Never thought of it that way! Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

This is a great idea, love the way it is described.

Nancy Winslow said...

I am a school counselor and I just wanted to say its not often you find toys (and their descriptions) that are educational and informative for parents as well as their children. This is one such toy and description. Keep up your great work with kids and parents.