Saturday, November 10, 2007

Kid's Holiday Gathering Spot

This holiday season if the gatherings are slated to be at your house, keep the frustration (and safety issues) of having kids underfoot when you're setting tables, setting out food and more at a minimum by creating a place for the kids to hang out.

Even the smallest of homes can dedicate a temporary "kid spot" to let the kids have their own place to play and let the adults enjoy the festivities while the children have a great time too.

First of all decide on a place for the kids to play. It can be a room in your home or a far corner in the living room. Set up a small table and chairs, it can be something as simple as a fold out card table and some fold up chairs so the kids can play board games, cards and other group games.

You can also give them a small television set for the day and ask if any of the kids have a video game unit they can pack along for the day and let them lounge on a comfy kid sized sofa and play their Xbox, Playstation or Wii.

It doesn't take much to make sure everyone visiting your home has a great time, just a little planning you'll have a house the kids beg to come to every holiday season (and most likely all times in between).

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