Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Kickstart The Day With Exploration in a Sensory Table

When you are looking for a perfect way to let your kids get their hands dirty and explore, while still being under your supervision, you might want to look into a wonderful sand and water table. The great thing about the addition of a sand and water table to your home is that they can get involved in "outdoor" play no matter what the weather may be like. Such a sand and water table is also a fabulous idea for those families who might not have ample yard space or live in an apartment building in a major city.

Sand & Water Tables are a great way to let your children dig in and take advantage of the hours and hours of fun and play that all kids crave. Having such a terrific item at your home is almost like bringing the elements of the local beach, playground and backyard all into one place for them to enjoy safely. Kids just love to reach in and play with the water and sand along with some of their favorite toys for splashing and digging.

Another wonderful thing about this amazing play item is that it can even be stored away for those times that it is not in use for long periods of time. There is also a cover so that no extra debris makes it into the sand and water table while your children take a break for lunch or an afternoon nap. This particular play item is just right for children of all ages!

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Molding A Geography Wiz!

Do you remember how interesting it was to get a glimpse of the globe at school when you were a young child? It can be quite a fascinating adventure to realize that there is a whole other world out there, including different countries, climates and cultures. One thing that you should know is that young children can take advantage of globe exploration anywhere from age six and up. As a matter of fact, because children are like little sponges that soak up all sorts of information faster than adults, the sooner you get your child started with geography the better!
Take learning about geography to a whole new level as your children can learn about various countries as well as play games with their siblings and friends. They can even begin to learn about some of the different customs from other cultures, making for valuable knowledge that will stay with them well into their teen and adult years. This is definitely one children's item that is much more than a toy!

Another option that helps teach kids about geography are places rugs. Great for classrooms and playrooms, there are rugs with a map of the US or ones based on towns with roads and buildings.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Fun Carpets For Your Day Care Or Classroom

Do you remember the days when you were either in day care or grade school and you had some fun pieces of carpeting lining the floors? Well, they may have varied in design quite a bit, however they were probably very colorful and made in all sorts of different shapes and sizes. As you have grown, you might find yourself working in your own day care situation or in a classroom as a teacher. Why not think about bringing in some of these amazing educational carpeting options? School Rugs will not only bring you back to a time that you remember, but they can also make all of the children under your guidance very happy.

With all of the different designs that you can choose from, you are bound to find a truly amazing carpet that you can place in the room. After all, the right carpet can do anything from teach children various colors as well as the different parts of the globe. All you have to do is pick the carpet or combination of carpets that best reflect the ideas that you are trying to share with your kids!

Available in two different sizes, the Bilingual Rectangle Rug is one of the best designs that can add something special to your space as well as to all of the lives of the kids who have the chance to explore it. This great carpet has the alphabet along with squares that have different shapes and colors with wording that is in both English and Spanish. You are sure to see all kinds of amazing things coming from having such a terrific addition to your classroom or day care.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Cute Storage Options

If you are like most parents, you are already well aware of just how many toys that your children can collect throughout the years. To be able to constantly keep these toys and items picked up is often a nightmare for many of parents. You might even feel as though it is impossible to find the right amount of storage for your child's room to keep everything contained and in its place. Even if you do find some different storage options, they may not be exactly what you are looking for to keep your child's room cute and inviting. After all, how much fun can a room be with all kinds of plastic storage bins and totes all over the place?

When you are looking to keep toys picked up in a festive manner, then you might want to look into the help of the cute and helpful Children's Safari Toy Chest! This is a beautiful storage option that is so colorful and fun that it may even become the focal point of your child's room. Hand carved and hand painted, after your child is grown he or she might even want to keep this beautiful toy chest to pass on as a wonderful family heirloom.

Along with all of the cute animals painted on the front including a zebra, elephant and giraffe, this toy chest is one storage option that you can be proud of placing in your child's room.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Smart Arts And Crafts

When you are on the lookout for the right supplies to fill your playroom with, it is always a good idea to find items that can be used for a variety of children. After all, each child has their own ways to explore and play, along with creating and experiencing arts and crafts. To be able to cater to all kinds of young minds, you might want to look to a terrific item such as the 3 Way Adjustable Easel, which is made by Jonti Craft.

The 3 Way Adjustable Easel for kids is a nice way for up to three different children to play and create all at the same time. As a matter of fact, this great easel setup is just right if you have a child in your family or within your care who uses a wheelchair because it is so easy to adjust. You can set this easel to several different heights, from thirty-six inches and up to forty-six and a half inches.

When it comes to the various artwork that can be created with this easel, the sky is the limit! You have the choice of the addition of extra chalkboard or write and wipe panels, making this piece of playroom furniture the ultimate in arts and crafts. You are sure to be amazed at all of the beautiful things that children can create once they have all of the right tools to work with. The 3 Way Adjustable Easel is sure to be one of the smartest purchases that you will ever make for your home or day care facility.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Painting Without The Mess. Heat Sensitive Wall Toys

It is a sure bet that just about any kid really loves to dig in and get dirty for a little bit of arts and crafts while finger painting. However, if you are like most parents out there, you are not looking forward to all of the mess that finger painting can bring along with it. When it comes to such a great hands on activity, you might want to look to a fantastic alternative such as a pretend play finger painting toy that doesn't create any kind of mess!

Yes, you did hear correctly! The Magic Hands Wall Toy is a really cool way for children to be able to explore and create wonderful pictures with their hands without the spills and smudges of paint all over your walls, carpeting and their clothing. Used in a number of waiting rooms for doctor and dentist offices, you can also bring this fun toy into your home so that your children can enjoy it. Perhaps you even run a child care service within your home. If so, then this will definitely be an incredible way for kids to play without all of the messes that you would expect from paints and other art supplies.

The Hands On Wall Toy is activated by the heat of hands and fingers as they come in contact with the heat-sensitive film on the surface. You can simply sit back and watch your kids play and have a great time without having to worry about picking up any kind of a mess. Wall Panel Toys can even be cleaned easily with a simple wipe down from time to time, making them perfect additions to any playroom or lobby area!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Too Many Toys... Three Things to Do

Once you have children, you'll find that the toys quickly add up. Holiday after holiday and birthday after birthday - more toys come into the house than leave. You'll soon see them winding up all over the floor of your child's room, your living room, outside.. it can become a cluttered mess.

Getting them under control is easiest in three ways. First, you can get a toy box or two and toss in all loss toys. Although this helps control the clutter, you still have to track down toys that are taken out each day. Ever step on a toy in the middle of the night in the dark? Ouch!!!

We also suggest going through your child's toys and throwing away the broken toys so kids and their friends don't get hurt. It's a mindset because we don't want to throw away something that cost us money or that was a gift. However disposing of broken toys or toys that are missing parts will get rid of potential safety hazards as well as make room for new toys that your child will be receiving and keep the mess down to a minimum. 

The third method is to donate old toys to your local church, women's shelter or good will outlet. There are lots of needy families that don't have money but still want to provide gifts to their little ones.

Also, your child will never learn to keep his room picked up if you don't give him a little help. Start early teaching your children to put one toy up before they get out another toy. You can also add bookshelves in their room to help them keep the clutter to a minimum. The toy box and bookshelfs not only help keep rooms tidy, they look great. Believe it or not, kids like order (well at least some do!).

Kids respond to visual reminders best of all and childrens furniture not only reminds your child to keep his room neat but to have pride in his or her surrounding.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Simple Toys Good For Hand-Eye Coordination and More

If you've been searching for a toy that is fun to play with for your children as well as something they can gain knowledge from, consider the old standby building blocks.

The Melissa and Doug 60 Piece Standard Unit Blocks is a fun set for your children and will keep a single child completely entertained as well a group of children. There are an incredible 20 lbs worth of blocks in this kit and they come in their own container making keeping the blocks together and picked up very easy, even for the smallest children.

Toy Blocks are not only imagination boosters allowing children to create cities and pretend play scenarios; they are also valuable for allowing children to learn to balance and stack. Children that need help with their motor skills functions benefit from playing with blocks as they learn to place them on top of each other and eventually learn to angle the stacked blocks to one side or the other to counteract a "lean" the stack of blocks may have. 

Blocks encourage groups of children to work together to plan what they want to build and also to cooperate and listen to each other's opinions and thoughts as to what should be played. All of these are motor and social skills your kids just will not acquire playing video games.

This block set is great for the 3 years old and up crowd and will give your children hours of fun while they build important motor, social and thinking skills.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Indoor Exercise for Kids

One thing winter can bring on quickly is the feeling of being cooped up. Children get restless and by nature need to run and play and work off their energy. If the weather outside is too cold for your children to go outside and play, consider some activities that will allow them to get their exercise indoors. 

Simple toys such as stepping stones that are cut in various shapes so children have to balance on each one as they hop from stone to stone is a fun way to build up your child's coorindation as well as give them good exercise. Other great options are soft play climbers and mats by the Children's Factory. Kids will spend hours climbing, rolling, and having a grand time on these safe and hygienic soft play products.

Another fun activity that even little ones can enjoy is an indoor trampoline. A folding trampoline that has a handle is a great way to encourage full range body movement along with safety. Your child can hold onto the stationary handle and jump to their heart's content. The trampoline is extremely to set up and requires that you only put the legs in place, run the cord through the webbing of the trampoline and then secure a running over the edges of the trampoline with velcro closures. When your child is done jumping for the day, just remove the handle by unscrewing two large screws and then unlock and fold the legs under. The trampoline will remain flat and out of the way until your child is ready to jump again.

Another awesome option is indoor swings. Installing a support bar in any standard door frame allows you to add a net swing, strap swing, ladder, platform swing or trapeze bar. Not only do kids love playing on these, it helps them release that pent up energy.

You don't have to let your children feel cooped up this winter, give them some fun indoor activities that will let them keep burn off some of their energy as well develop balance and coordination skills.