Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A Fun And Memorable Birthday Present. The Flying Turtle

One of the things that you will always remember each year from your childhood will definitely be each birthday celebration. When birthday time rolls around once a year, kids tend to get overwhelmed with excitement as well as anticipation. What kinds of toys and gifts will they get? Hopefully, they will have at least one or two toys given to them that will bring them all kinds of fun times and memories that will last them a lifetime.

Sometimes, the best toys are based on the simplest of ideas. These are toys that have a basic premise behind them, however they provide all sorts of entertainment and plenty of activity for the child to enjoy. One toy that fits this profile and even exceeds expectations happens to be the Flying Turtle Ride On Toy. This is a really cool toy that any child between the ages of three and thirteen could easily fall in love with, possibly even becoming very addicted to the sort of fun that it provides.

Completely kid powered, the Flying Turtle can be used either indoors or outdoors, all depending on the weather. All kids have to do is hop on the seat, put their feet into place, grab onto the handle bars and go! A safe toy that sits in just the right position from the ground, there are never any sharp edges to worry about. Once your child has this ride on toy, you are sure to hear them say that it was one of the best birthday presents that they have ever received.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Life's Building Blocks

Have you ever watched a child play with blocks? Sometimes the younger ones are still learning about objects by touching or even tasting them. No matter how many times you tell them not to put it in their mouth your words are largely ignored. Sometimes they at least try to hide it by turning their back to you. Yet other times they just look at you with that lower lip quivering hoping that you will give in. Once they see that you are not going to let them do it they simply go back to building and try to slyly sneak peeks to see if you are watching.

They love to have you try to guess what they are building just knowing that you would never in a hundred years get it right. Their imaginations are vivid and they know exactly what they are trying to build. Attempting to create what is in their mind helps them develop more controlled motor skills. The are trying to figure out if that tall tower they built will stay up or crumble to the ground if they put just one more block on the top.

And just because they think it is funny they will build that tower over and over again just to watch it crash when they put that "one more block" on the top. But don't let anyone else put that block on there and make it fall or they will face the wrath of a two year old that didn't really want to share to begin with.

So get out those blocks for your child and stand back, they will have that bridge built in no time. Oh yeah, if you ask very nicely they may let you join in the fun.

Genius at Work. Do you have an Art Table Handy?

Have a budding artist in the midst? A junior sculptor with busy hands? You will want to be sure to give your little Van Gogh or Michelangelo plenty of room to explore their creativity and complete their own masterpieces.

Children have such incredible imaginations and you want them to try to hold on to that as long as they can. Remember all of those "great adventures" that you had as a child? Was there anything better than a great journey into a jungle, or being the most famous person in the world? No, of course not, and when you remember these times you probably get a smile on your face.

Now it's your turn to help create that for your child. Arts and crafts are a great way for children to express themselves. Look how they smile when you put one of their pictures on the fridge, even though there is more paint on them than the picture. Or when you place his or her homemade pottery bowl, at least you think it's a bowl, not that it matters anyway, on display for everyone to see.

Take the time to find an area for your child where they can paint on their own kid size easels or sit at an art table made just for kids. Though if you asked nicely they will probably let you sit with them at "their" table. The one in the picture is made by Alex Toys, they're known for their art products but also have a nice line of kids furniture.

Setting up an area for their arts and crafts will put a grin on their face and a smile in your heart and there is nothing better than that.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Take Their Motor Skills For A Rollercoaster Ride

You may have noticed that some of the toys that are offered up in your child's doctor's office or dentist's office are very good at giving little hands plenty to do. While you are waiting, there is nothing better than a great toy that can occupy their little minds as well. When it comes to some of the great waiting room toys that you have seen, there is no reason at all why you cannot purchase some of these great toys for your child to use at home as well.

Certainly you have seen some of those really cool toys that have beads that roam along wires in all sorts of turns and loops. These are great toys that are just right for helping to stimulate a child's brain while helping them work on their motor skills as well as their hand and eye coordination. When you are looking for the best in these rollercoaster bead maze toys, there is none other than Anatex.

The Anatex line of toys are made to help children have a great time while also learning. The original rollercoaster design is filled with all sorts of wonderful shapes and colors, which happen to be just right for children from the age of 18 months on up. This fun and imaginative toy can be set up in your family room, play room or even in your child's room, it all depends on where you want it!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Setting Up A Great Outdoor Area For Your Kids

Whether you are a parent or the proprietor of a day care for young children, a having a great area outdoors that is just right for kids is a must. Even if you do not have a whole lot of area to work with outside, you can really make a little bit of space go a long way. The nice thing about an outdoor area for kids is that you can get outside with them when the weather is nice and enjoy all sorts of activities. Many parents and babysitters also like to set up lunch and snack times outside to cut down on the messes that you have to deal with in the house.

For such snack and lunch times, you can always look into the purchase of a nice picnic table with plenty of seating for kids. The Octagon Childrens Table by KidKraft is a fabulous choice that comes complete with stools and even a nice umbrella to provide some cover from the sun. Just right for children ages two and over, this table set has a great octagon shape and four stools perfect for sitting down and enjoying crafts and more.

In addition to such a table area, it may also be a good idea to have some sort of play area that includes a sandbox or sand and water table for hours of fun. Add to that some ride along toys and you will really have an outdoor space that the children in your life will be thrilled to enjoy during all of the nice weather days during the year.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Is it Summer yet?

It's almost that time of year again. You know, the time where the most often heard phrase is "I'm Bored". Yes, summer is great, but, as with anything else that is considered good, it does come with its own set of problems.

For instance, when school is in session, you usually only have to deal with the full-blown "I'm bored" syndrome on the weekends. Made manageable with the knowledge that school starts again in two days.

The fact that you are visiting SensoryEdge indicates that you know exactly where to go to get help. Browse through our large collection of educational toys, kids furniture, and outdoor play and you wont be disappointed.

The weather in summer demands outdoor activities and truthfully, so do parents. Why not set up a Princess Castle Play Tent for your little princess and, of course, her royal court. The Secret Castle Bed Tent is also a great addition to her kingdom. She'll have dreams of handsome prince's, horse driven carriages, and tea parties with her royal puppet friends.

Got a yard full of rowdy cowboys and Indians? Try the Giant Kid's Teepee Play House for hours of fun. What do you do when there is an excited group of hunters on the loose? Set up the Jungle Safari Tent and Tunnel Combo and round them up.