Saturday, January 19, 2008

A Cool Kids Step Stool For Your Valentine

Looking for a fun gift for your favorite little Valentine? Make it something they can use all year round - like a step stool.

For the future football star this is a fun step up stool that will let him be a big man and step up to a multitude of tasks. From brushing his teeth to getting down his own juice cup. Let him join in watching the games on this solid American-made wooden stool. The stool is made with safety in mind and has no sharp edges and a rounded top making it easy and safe to carry.

Best of all, there's no mistaking who this stool belongs to, it has his name written right on it with a painted picture of a football.

For your Valentine princess, there are gorgeous, brightly colored Kids Step Stools that will be her helper for a lot of activities around the house. The selection includes stools with flowers, butterlflies, some plain, some for girls and others for boys.

Get your Valentine a gift they can really use every single day in a multitude of ways - get them a step up to independence with their very own step stool.

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