Thursday, May 29, 2008

Waiting Room Activities

When it is time to make a trip to the doctor, the wait can seem like ages to children. They tend to get antsy and restless. Any parent knows how aggravating it can be to keep a child preoccupied when they are waiting for their appointment. Investing in an activity cube or a wall mounted toy would help keep their minds set on something rather than running around like mad-people.

Waiting room play tables and wall mounted toys can help keep kids occupied while providing education. Giggle mirrors make their reflection distorted and are quite humorous. Another wall mounted toy featuring Tic-Tac-Toe can teach strategy and the funny people panel toy also provides a good amount of chuckles. Keep them absorbed in a little fun adventure while you're counting the seconds on the clock with bead mazes or giant play cubes. These toys are fun, have no loose parts and keep kids out of mischief while you wait or speak to a health care provider.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Sand and Water Outdoor Fun!

What could be more fun than a sandbox? A sand AND water box! The Activity Sand and Water table has the best of both worlds for your kids to explore and enjoy.

And you're not limited to just sand and water, you can fill the "water" bin with not only water but pinto beans, marbles or just use good old H2O and you can vary the sensory input the kids get.

The size of this table allows four to six children to play at once and it encourages group play. For easy clean up and storage, the lid snaps on and keeps the items in the sand table - inside. The table stands 24-inches and has 4 caster wheels. There is a handy drain valve on the water side of the sand table that lets the water drain out easily.

This is a great toy for kids 3-years old and up to enjoy outdoor play along with different sensations. Your kids can spend hours creating different play scenarios and this is a wonderful toy to encourage not only group cooperation, but also pretend play.