Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Spellmaster Wood Teching Toy

Teaching toys are a great way for your child to experience educational fun. Here at we are proud to offer you the Spellmaster Wood Teaching Toy. This unique teaching toy allows your child to have hours of fun and excitement while learning. From spelling to vocabulary, this amazing toy will allow your children to expand their minds right in the comfort of your own home.

The Spellmaster Wood Teaching Toy consists of a spelling tray with an attached chalkboard, uppercase wood tiles with individual letters and spelling picture word cards. Your child will be able to visualize and write the words that they are spelling out. Your child is able to check his or her answers by lifting the unique doors to uncover the correct letters to the word. This item will challenge your child in a fun, educational way.

The holiday season will quickly arrive. There is nothing better to give a child than the gift of education. This unique learning experience will allow them hours of joy. Children can spell an unlimited number of fun words. Stop by today to view this awesome gift.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sugar Plum Vanity Table and Chair Set

Little girls love to imitate their mothers. With the holiday season right around the corner, our Sugar Plum Vanity Table and Chair Set is the perfect vanity set for your little girl to imitate mom looking beautiful. Your daughter will be able to sit in this stylish chair and pretend that she is putting on all of her make-up, just like mom. At a great, low sale price and free shipping, this item is too good to pass up this holiday season.

Our Sugar Plum Vanity Table and Chair Set features a deluxe vanity with a matching chair. This vanity is painted in pretty shades of plum and pink with green and ivory accents. The chair is painted in matching colors. This vanity also features a mirror that will be useful when your child is putting on all her jewelry. Now your child can store all of her jewelry and make-up in any of the two storage areas of this vanity.

Your little girl loves to play dress up. This is the perfect opportunity to obtain her own vanity for her. Her eyes will grow big and a smile will grace her face. Stop by this holiday season to take advantage of this great low price.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Teamson Sunny Safari Bookcase

Reading can be such a fun and educational experience for you little ones. Are they going to pick up a book on a sunny day to read? The chances are that they would rather be outside playing. But, the wintertime is a great time to introduce your child to new books and joyful experiences. There are so many different genres of books that they will surely find which one they love. Once they have multiple books in their "library" it is time to get a wonderful bookcase for them to show off their achievements.

The Teamson Sunny Safari Bookcase will defiantly show off the sunny side of reading. Brilliant colors and exciting animals grace this bookcase. There will be plenty of room for all of your child's favorite books. With the holiday season right around the corner, what better time would there be to introduce your child to reading and collecting books for this wonder bookcase? This item is now available at a great low sale price before the holiday season.

Here is a great idea to start your child's book collection. As every holiday approaches get them a great book that they will enjoy. At Christmas, Easter, birthdays, you can increase the amount your child reads. Stop by to view this fabulous bookcase today.