Friday, May 29, 2009

The Plasma Car: How does it work?

Getting your kids involved in fun outdoor activities is a priority for every parent. More and more parents are skipping the DVDs and video games as entertainment sources for their children and opting for toys that promote active play and development of important motor skills such as hand and eye coordination and cognitive skills.

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A great riding toy that will promote both of these skills highly is thePlasma Car. Made from very strong, yet lightweight ABS plastics that create a smooth and comfortable sitting area for your child. This car comes in brilliant colors that are sure to delight any child and with a little practice any kid can master riding and steering a Plasma Car. There are no batteries to recharge, no gears to switch and this car doesn't even have pedals that can frustrate smaller children who have not yet mastered moving their arms and feet at the same time as required with tricycles and other small riding toys.

The secret to the Plasma Car is the simplicity of design. It has 6-wheels for stability, a comfy seat and foot rests that go towards the front of the car. To make the Plasma Car move forward, your child simply rotates the steering wheel continuously back and forth from left to right. When your child is ready to stop, he or she simply stops moving the steering wheel and when the car slows down, your child just puts their feet on the ground and the car will come to a complete stop.

If you have a large flat area for your children to ride their Plasma Cars on, these cars can attain a speed of over 6 MPH. Additionally, the versatile cars can also go in reverse quite easily, simply switch the 4 front wheels of the car to the back and move the larger back wheels forward to the front of the Plasma Car. The car will go backwards until you move the wheels back to their original positions.

If you would like a toy that is earth-friendly, kid powered and will promote motor skills in your child, a Plasma Car will be the perfect toy for your needs.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sand and Water Tables for Outdoor Fun

When you are looking for a perfect way to let your kids get their hands dirty and explore, while still being under your supervision, you might want to look into a wonderful sand and water table. The great thing about the addition of a sand and water table to your home is that they can get involved in "outdoor" play no matter what the weather may be like. Such a sand and water table is also a fabulous idea for those families who might not have ample yard space or live in an apartment building in a major city.

Sand & Water Tables are a magnificent way to let your children dig in and take advantage of the hours and hours of fun and play that all kids crave. Having such a terrific item at your home is almost like bringing the elements of the local beach, playground and backyard all into one place for them to enjoy safely. Kids just love to reach in and play with the water and sand along with some of their favorite toys for splashing and digging.

Another wonderful thing about this amazing play item is that it can even be stored away for those times that it is not in use for long periods of time. There is also a cover so that no extra debris makes it into the sand and water table while your children take a break for lunch or an afternoon nap. This particular play item is just right for children of all ages!

Friday, May 22, 2009

The Baseball Game on a Classroom Carpet

Sometimes sitting your child down to study can be quite the little hassle. It can be even more difficult when the child just had a full day of school. Making studying into a game is a great, effective way to aid your child's learning process and refresh their brains... plus, games are fun! The following game is great because it can be used for just about any subject. But for explanation's sake, we will use math as an example.

To add to the theme of the game, a Numbers and Shapes Rug would be quite fitting. It may also act as an aid to your pupils answers.

This game is great if you are a teacher with a classroom full of kids, or even if you are a parent with one child. You as the parent/teacher will stand as the pitcher. Just as the rules apply for baseball, they will apply for the game. Your "pitch" will be a math problem. For example, you say, "4+5." The batter, your child, will then "swing" by answering the problem. If they get it right, they move up a base and they continue around the bases as they would in baseball. If they get three problems wrong before making it "Home," then they are out.

If you and your child are playing one-on-one, if they get three wrong answers and become out, switch positions with your child. Allow them to pitch you math problems. This is a fun and creative way to get them involved and active. As mentioned before, you can use any subject to play with.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Teaching With a Toy Box

One of the many wonders of having children is the fact that they are little tornadoes swarming and swirling throughout your once tidy living room, kitchen, toy room, etc. One minute their toys are neatly placed in their appointed positions, and in the blink of an eye, it looks as though a bomb went off from the depths of their tiny fingers. Yet, as parents, you should take these little annoyances and turn them into positive learning situations for not only them, but yourself as well.  

Toy Boxes are a great tool not only to keep a room organized, but to teach the children just how to organize. You may also use them to teach your children that by cleaning up after themselves shows appreciation for their toys and for you as parents.

Our selection of toy boxes is immense. The Wild Bench Seat with Storage is a creative toy box that is perfect for your little girls with a sense of flair and style. She may use it to sit and read on, or store her toys until the next playtime. Keep your children well organized with a toy box. You will be teaching them skills that they will need to be successful in the long run, such as appreciation and organization.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Helping Kids with Problem Solving

Having children offers you a whole new perspective of the "ins and outs" and the "whys and how's" of life. Has your child ever asked you a question that utterly left you speechless because you either did not know how to answer it, or you could not believe that they even thought to ask such a thing? Their minds are an amazing feature that parents sometimes take for granted, not realizing the capabilities that even a 4 year old has. During playtime with another child, there is bound to be conflicts between them. Problem solving is a life lesson to be taught as early as possible.

Problem solving skills not only relate to conflicts between people, or children, but they can be applied to something as simple as a child building a fort the way the imagine it. The 22 Piece Super Jumbo Foam Wonder Blocks make for a great problem solving tool. With these toy blocks, your child will be able to utilize them to create the fort that they envision. They will need to problem solve to make the blocks work for them. Also, if there is more than one child involved, conflicts between them are likely to occur. Not that you want them to fight or argue, but take advantage of the situation to teach the children skills for solving their woes.

Be sure to avoid saying phrases that indicate what they should not do. Rather, convey what they should do. Let them know that instead of raising their voice and screaming for their wants, make them understand that they should calmly explain that they wish to play with this toy, or what-have-you. With the Wonder Blocks, they will be able to problem solve their way to their forts, or other creations, while you might be given then opportunity to teach them a great life lesson.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Hands Around the World Rug: Teaching About Our Neighbors

The United States has certainly become a melting pot of different cultures. Our children experience it more and more everyday. It is a fabulous experience that can open their minds to different cultures, places and things. The Hand Around the World Rug is a great educational tool to explore the world with your kids. Not only are children able to learn about geography, but they are also able to share experiences that they have had with different country or regions.

The Hand Around the World Rug is a brilliantly colored carpet that comes in many different sizes. This educational carpet is perfect for classrooms, daycares or any after-school center. The Hands Around the World Rug features multiple colorful children from many different areas of the world. All of the major continents of the world are also features on the carpet.

The Hand Around the World Rug comes in 6 different sizes. A 10-year wear warranty also is included. There are multiple certifications associated with this educational rug. Free shipping is also available. We have many other educational rugs for you to choose them.

Friday, May 08, 2009

Jonti Craft 5 Section Coat Locker

Lockers are a fabulous way to keep all of your kids jackets, clothing and belongings in the right spot. The Jonti Craft 5 Section Locker is the perfect piece of furniture for your classroom, daycare or after-school center. Your kids will be able to have their own individual locker to hang bookbags, coats or sportswear. The best part about the Jonti Craft 5 Section Locker is that you can obtain it for a great low sale price.

The Jonti Craft 5 Section Locker is one of our most popular lockers. All of the edges of the locker are rounded so you know that your kids will be safe from sharp edges. The finish is as tough as the coating of a gym floor. This coating resists stains and is easy to clean. The Jonti Craft 5 Section Locker is strong and durable. It features recessed backs that enhance the strength and appearance.

With the cubbie holes above and below the lockers, this locker system is perfect for your needs. This is a great way to teach your kids how to stay organized and gives them positive responsibility with their own belongings.

Friday, May 01, 2009

Double-Sided Bookcase by Guidecraft

At SensoryEedge we have a fabulous premium quality bookcases for your daycare, classroom or any other facility with young children. A great example is the Guidecraft Double Sided Wood Bookcase. It's the perfect place to hold all of your children's books, small toys and more. Reading is a fun and educational tool that will have kids enjoying fabulous stories. This double-sided bookcase is a great way to preserve your childs favorite books over time.

The Guidecraft Double Sided Wood Bookcase is perfect for home or school use. You have two sides to store his entire collection. You also have the opportunity to showcase books on the side of the bookcase. This durable bookcase offers five shelves with varying compartment heights and sizes.

Normal wear and tear can break books down easily. The double-sided bookcase by Guidecraft will allow you a space to store your books securely away when not in use. We have many other Guidecraft products available. You can view them all today at We carry other great Guidecraft bookcases including: