Thursday, October 28, 2010

Classroom Cubbies: One Size Does Not Fit All

Keeping your classroom stocked, clean, and organized is almost as important as choosing the right lesson plans. (Okay...maybe not THAT important but it's a close second!) Purchasing baskets, bins and shelving units are a great start for storing supplies and lesson materials; but it is equally important to help students keep themselves organized and ready to learn. Here are five tips to think about when implementing classroom cubbies to give your class a head start!

1. Choose cubbies that are large enough for everything you want stored off the floor and out of desks. You can find some models that are less expensive, but they are generally smaller in size and not as sturdy for holding things like books and backpacks. They also won't have a lifetime warranty against defects. Penny wise and pound foolish will be hard on your budget in the long run.

2. Let your cubby station show a little personality if the class warrants a little show time! Choose models that come in bright colors or if you prefer wood, plastic bins are easy to find in a rainbow of colors and help kids find their space quickly. This not only adds a little extra fun and flavor to the classroom, but helps kids remember which cubby belongs to whom.

3. If you purchase a larger cubby unit, be sure you find one that will not tip under extreme weight and pressure. Tip proof cubbies won't fall over, no matter how rambunctious your class gets. Parents will also appreciate that you're considering their child's safety. They want to trust that you have their kids best interest when furnishing your surroundings.

4. Buy cubby holders that are suitable for multiple age groups, especially if you buy portable models. This ensures that should classrooms be moved around, you have multiple age groups in one room, or the unit has to be moved: you are prepared for kindergarteners and Pre-teens alike. Believe it or not some cubbies come with casters and are fairly easy to move if built correctly.

5. Don't buy cheap! 

If we've peaked your interest, check out our line of Jonti-Craft classroom cubbies. They feature:

  • KYDZ Safe edges: All edges, front, back and base are fully rounded to create KYDZSafe edges. The recessed backs enhance the strength and appearance
  • KYDZ TUFF finish: Finish is as tough as the coating used on gym floors. Resists stains, won't yellow and is easy to clean.
  • KYDZ Strong: Construction employs the dowel pin technique. This leaves the thickness of the material intact where most of the stress occurs. Increases the already noteworthy strength of the piece by 30% or more.
Let's be very honest. A good cubbie is going to be expensive. You can't run down to the local store and get a 300 pound unit for $99. Intermediate to excellent units are typically made to order and ship by truck factory direct. However the long term value far outweighs buying a discount unit that WILL fall apart. If you only cater to very small children you can get away with a cubbie that has a low profile and not subject to being run into and climbed upon. But as they grow, so grows kids curiosity about high they can climb and lets see if we can tip this thing over. Hey it's in the nature, being curious is good, isn't it?

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Keeping Kids Motivated for School

When your children start getting older keeping them motivated for school can become a lot harder then before. They lose the drive to do their school work, they have too many distractions to complete their school work, so it makes you wonder, how can I keep the kids motivated for school?

As a parent I’ve quickly discovered that the first thing that diminishes their success with school work is the many distractions surrounding them. This could be the television, people or the simplest thing as not having a proper work space. Having children work on their school work in a designated area that is designed for them will guaranteed improve their focusing skills, and give them a fun space to do school work.

Finding the Best Kids Desk Set

It can be difficult deciding on what kind of kids desk set would work for your kids, but thankfully there are many options available now. The designs have changed superbly since many years ago. Your children can have a desk that is similar to your desk, except the perfect size for them. A favorite kids desk set is the Guidecraft Natural Roll Top Desk with Chair. This desk looks exactly like an office desk.

This desk set has been designed to hold everything your child needs while doing their school work with easy access to all the drawers and shelves. Everything is in perfect reach and is easily organized so that they can find everything with ease.

Finding the best kids desk set can be quite hard if you don’t know where to look and what would work best for your child. Determine how easily they are distracted when they need to focus. If your child is easily distracted go with a desk that doesn’t have tons going on, but if your child needs a little additional encouragement find them a desk that is fun.

Making School Work Fun!

Keeping children interested in their school work is key to their education. School should not only be done in the classroom, but also at home. Encouraging your child to read, write, do math and anything else they may need a little help with is necessary. When you are looking at desk sets for their school work, crafts and any other activities they may do at it, make sure that you’ll be able to join them at this desk as well. When you can interact with them at their own personal desk they’ll continue using it and furthering their knowledge all at once.

Keeping the kids motivated for school can be hard with all the new technologies out there, but keeping their minds set on what they are doing is a lot easier now. Find a desk that they’ll love that you love, and soon enough you won’t be able to keep them away from it. Don’t limit yourself on your kids desk sets options and check out the selection available from Sensory Edge. Their desk sets keep the kids in mind, and are all amazing choices for your child and budget.