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Saturday, January 08, 2011

Time for a Snooze - Get out the Nap Mat

It’s funny how something you never heard of can quickly become indispensible. I never had a nap mat for my older kids. They did not nap at school and if we went to Grandma’s house we lugged around the 50 pound play yard. Boy have times changed. This time around I am a little older and clearly a lot wiser - now I simply bring my son’s light weight and convenient nap mat and he is ready to take a nap anywhere we go.

At first I thought it was kind of silly. We could just put him on a blanket but I did not factor in the psychological impact of having a nap mat just for naps until I needed one and saw it in action. Recently I needed to have my two year old nap at school so I could take my older son to a doctor appointment. The school requires a nap mat so I got him a cute Rockin' Out Napmink Nap Mat with a an awesome pattern and motif. He loved having his out mat with its’ built in pillow and soft cuddly blanket and his teacher said he slept like a dream. Our napmat has a minky fabric on the inside so it is extra soft to the touch. It also has a convenient handle so it is easy to carry.

The next day at school he started to cry when the other kids got in their napmats to take a nap when he had to go home. He wanted his nap mat too. We went home and I laid his napmat on his playroom carpet. He crawled right in for his nap just like his friends at preschool. Considering this child of mine does not nap at home without a time consuming car ride or stroll around the neighborhood it was truly a miracle for me to see him so content. I guess the nap meant it was time for a nap so he took one. It was amazing.

As I said, we chose the Rockin' Out nap mat but there are so many color and patterns to choose from that it is easy to find perfect nap mat for your little one at SensoryEdge. When I was searching for ours I saw napmats with butterflies, dinosaurs, cars and fairies. I also found napmats that were simple and some with bright colors and patterns. They all had a comfortable blanket attached at the side that was easy for young children to use and a built in pillow. Some could even be personalized.

Honestly, it was hard to choose which one to buy because they were all so cute – and I was still not sure I was going to use it much. But . . .  he needed it for school so I took the plunge. As it turned out, it was well worth it. So although a nap mat was not something I had ever planned on buying I am really glad I did. It is easy, safe, and my son loves it. I couldn’t ask for more.

SensoryEdge features the following nap mat manufacturers
  • Wildkin
  • Cavichi
  • My NapPak
  • Fireside Comfort


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