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Thursday, February 03, 2011

Decorating with Wall Decals – A Fun Family Project

It has never been easier to spruce up a room without a lot of fuss or expense. I have always loved the look of wall murals. When I go to certain restaurants and I see the walls painted with designs or I see a kid’s room in magazines with painted murals I always think I wish I could afford to do that in my children’s rooms. I would love a tree with flowers and animals or a whole wall with Thomas the Train and his friends. I even called a few artists that advertise in our local kid’s magazine but the price was just way more than I could afford. 

Today you no longer have to sacrifice the room of your dreams because it is too much money. You can get the look you want for less with wall decals and murals for a fraction of the cost of painting. There are so many designs to choose from for both kids and adults. I started experimenting in my room to make sure it was easy and that it would look right. The tree and cherry blossoms we added to our décor look amazing. They add a new dimension to the space and the great part is if I decide to change my room they peel right off without ruining the paint underneath. 

Now that I know how easy they are the next step is sprucing up the kids’ rooms. The easiest choice is for my youngest. He loves Thomas the Tank Engine and dinosaurs so I need to decide between those two themes. I found a giant wall mural by Roomates that has a picture of the Island of Sodor. It is so beautiful and has so many elements that it’s hard to pass up. It has Thomas, James, Harold the Helicopter, and Bertie the Bus and more. It is wall paper so it will be a little trickier to apply than the peel and stick but I think it will be worth it. It was hard to choose between that and all the great dinosaur wall décor . There is a dinosaur wall border and matching wall decals or my favorite the Baby Dinosaur Wall Graphics by Fathead. They are so adorable. 

So far decorating with wall stickers has been a lot of fun. It was also a great way to get my kids into doing something creative and spending time together as a family. My older kids loved looking through the great selection and designing their own rooms. My son has had a hard time deciding on a theme. He has so many favorites and they are all available in peel n stick wall decals. He has finally narrowed it down between Harry Potter, Star Wars the Clone wars, Yu Ghi Oh, Super Heroes, or a Space theme. He still has not decided but once he finally makes a decision at 12 year old he can help put them up and feel like he created and designed his own room.

Doing this with my daughter was so much fun. She decided on a combination of stickers to create an eclectic design. She got Peace Sign Wall Stickers by Roomates to match her peace sign pillow cases and the Giant Daisy Peel & Stick for an extra pop of color. She also wanted the Peace Dry Erase Wall Decal so she could make notes and keep herself organized. At 10 years old she definitely has her own ideas about how her room should look. It was fun to watch her plan and create. Of course, the best part was spending time with her while she chose her designs and then as we put them up together we saw her creation come to life. Considering each set she chose was less than $20.00 we completely changed the look of her room, spent time together on a fun project, and didn’t break the bank in the process.

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Martha said...

I did the same these car stickers for my boys' room...they helped me stick them and for the next week, every day, my son thanked me for his awesome stickers! Not only that, I think it is better than painting b/c they took ownership that they had done it!