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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Getting Creative with Disney Wall Decals and Stickers

Like most moms I love seeing my daughter's eyes light up when I give her the perfect gift. To get that reaction every morning I decided to make sure she saw her favorite things when she opens her eyes in the morning. How did I accomplish this without breaking the bank? It was easy - I applied her favorite Disney characters to her bedroom walls with peel & stick wall decals. I was thinking about having an artist paint murals on her walls until I got my first quote and after a little research I found that I could get larger than life Disney Wall decals for a fraction of the cost.

The biggest problem I had was deciding which stickers to get. I wanted to surprise her so I choose not to have her pick them out with me. Instead, I had her friends and cousins take a look at the selection and let me know what they thought. Disney Princesses each have their own character and the color scheme in the wall stickers was something we had to think about also. I love Snow White, Belle, Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty. My niece reminded me that Tiana and Rapunzel are new favorites that I should also consider. After Looking at them all we finally decided. Now when she wakes up in the morning she sees a beautiful castle, a princess carriage, Cinderella, Belle and Sleeping Beauty. The smile she gives me says it all. She is especially happy as a play princess with all her favorite Disney characters surrounding her on every wall.

Funnily enough, my daughter loved her new Disney wall decals so much she wanted to add some to the play area also. This time she got to help choose the wall d├ęcor. We added Tinker Bell and her fairy friends to one wall and then combined Toy Story Woody & Buzz Stickers to the other walls so her brothers would feel at home too. It was so easy to do and so adorable I added a whole Winnie the Pooh theme to the nursery and my son loves his new Cars themed room. Lightening McQueen is his favorite. It goes to show that with a little creativity and some easy to apply wall stickerss you can create a Disney themed room that really does make your dreams come true. Well at the very least it will make your child's decorating dreams come true and you will love the light that shines from their eyes each day. The best gift of all.  


Sarah said...

I've been looking all over for Disney's princesses wall decals. I'd want to put them up on my daughter's bedroom wall for her birthday surprise.

Elise of Wall Decals said...

I'm looking for Princess Jasmine wall decal for my daughter. She's her favorite princess.