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Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Biggies Stickies... Fun Decals and Wall Decor for the Whole Family!

We recently added a wonderful line of wall murals, wall stickers, & wall decals. Biggies Stickies which, while they sound a little strange, are a rather useful, innovative and reasonably priced decorating solution.  They certainly have “the Edge” because their products help out with tricky decorating dilemmas and save money.

If you have more than one kid, then you have more than one favorite theme. And if each child has their own room, they'll want to stamp their individuality on their respective rooms.  Biggies are great because as their tastes change, you'll be able to remove the decals without damaging walls. 

The best part about these wall murals, wall decals and Biggies Stickies  is they can be used as permanent or temporary decorations. This works out brilliantly for children because their passions and interests seem to change almost seasonally and that can painting and papering can get messy and expensive. Kids will love adding the different elements themselves or helping mom and dad with the larger stickers.

The stickers are great for desks, lockers, windows & mirrors. The decals are bigger and they look great on walls. My son choose the Biggies Planets Wall Stickies to create an impression of the sky and planets on his room ceiling. Now he can lie in bed, gaze up at the ceiling and imagine he was an astronaut!   He had a hard time selecting a wall mural because there was so much to choose from. He liked the Asteroid Belt Giant Wall Mural, the Earth Satellite Giant Wall Mural, the Hubble Repair Giant Wall Mural and the Moon Walk Giant Wall Mural. It was fun to watch talk about his favorites.

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