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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

5 Easy Ways to Brighten a Child's Bedroom with Furniture

Childhood is a magical time which is full of vivid colours, great adventures and a real sense of imagination. It's a time when everything seems a little easier, and when the number one concern should always be how to have the most fun. If you're a parent or carer of children, you'll know just how important it is to keep kids stimulated, both mentally and from a health point of view.
There is lots of talk about fitness and staying active, but what about when your children are at home? What is there in your home to keep kids engaged, interested, and having fun? Well, if you're unsure where to start, you could always begin with their bedroom. It's here that many of their great adventures begin, and where they spend a lot of their time. So why shouldn't it be comfy and cosy or bright and vivid?
Whatever your taste, there's upholstered furniture available that can really bring a child's bedroom to life. Let's look at five very easy ways that you can brighten up your kids' rooms with some furniture.

Rocking Chairs

You might associate these with older members of our community, but
 rocking chairs are actually a lot of fun for kids. You can find upholstered rocking chairs in a wide range of colours and designs to suit every child's room. Plus, kids' rocking chairs aren't just available as the more traditional wooden chair; you can also find them in comfy cushioned form which any child will just love. Children tend to really enjoy things that are a little bit different and interesting - and if you've ever seen children playing on a rocking chair you'll already know how much of a difference an upholstered rocking chair can make to a child's room.

Recliner seats

You'd be forgiven for thinking that recliner seats are designed only for men who want to sit back, drink beer, and watch TV. That's the reputation they've picked up through popular culture, but recliner seats are great for everyone - and what better way to bring a child's bedroom to life than with a miniature recliner? Kids love to imitate adults, and an upholstered recliner is a fantastic way to let them do it. It really will bring a touch of class to any bedroom, and give the impression of a fully sized recliner without taking up too much space in the bedroom!

Bean bags

An all time favourite for kids and adults alike, bean bags are a fantastic way to brighten a bedroom. They're available in all sorts of colours, designs, and materials - plus they're great fun to sit on. Bean bags are really versatile, so they can be used in almost any child's bedroom in almost any corner. Bright and vivid or a little more understated - the choice is yours (or your child's, of course). Just make sure that you let the kids play with it now and again!

Sofas for kids

Why let the adults have all the fun on the sofa? Ideal for chilling out on or to spend time with friends, a fully upholstered sofa is a brilliant addition to a child's bedroom. Plus, because they're quite small compared to their bigger brothers, you don't have to worry too much about space requirements. Plus your kids will love having a
 catnapper sofa to kick back and relax on whenever they like! And don't forget, one upholstered kid’s sofa is enough for multiple kids - so you'll only need to buy one!

Sleeper chairs

Relaxing in the bedroom can be tiresome work for kids - so thank goodness there are sleeper chairs to help out! These
 nifty seats literally transform from seat into bed, much to the amazement of children watching. Not only are they comfy, they're also a lot of fun. Available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colours, an upholstered child's sleeper chair can be a fantastic way to bring a bedroom to life. And you won't need to worry of they tire themselves out because you'll have the answer right there in the bedroom! You could even move the upholstered child's sleeper chair to the living room for those nights when you're all watching a family movie. It's really versatile and will bring joy and fun to any kid's bedroom. 

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