Motivation is a foundation block that often gets pushed aside because it doesn’t mesh with our teacher’s or supervisor’s vision of management. In his new blog post, Chase Mielke focuses on 6 ways we all contribute to a breakdown in motivation for students. By providing a reasonable scale of performance measurement, opportunities to revive their grades and ensuring that your content is both interactive and useful for real world living, this post will make you feel more confident as a teacher and more equipped to handle the incoming class.

Key Takeaways:

  • Students hate it when they are doing well in class in general, but then they bomb a big, important test.
  • Students wish they could have more opportunities to revise their work and fix mistakes.
  • Students get bored when what they are learning in school has no relevance to their present lives, or to how they envision their future lives.

“Many themes arose—themes worth sharing with you because change begins with understanding.”

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