How Activity in the Classroom can Increase Focus and Productivity

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Studies indicate that when students are able to move around throughout the day, they will be more active in participation and engagement in the classroom.  Activity in the classroom can increase focus and productivity.

Are you incorporating movement into your classroom?

Finding ways to incorporate movement into the classroom can be a challenge but it’s worth the effort. Something as simple as creating a morning activity routine for the first 10 minutes of class is a great way to begin each day and kids really enjoy it.  Simply plan out different activities to start the day exactly how kids like it, by being active whether they’re doing calisthenics, yoga, or running in place.

Alternative seating is one of the most popular methods being implemented in the classroom.  Some classrooms are using stand-up desks and exercise balls.  You can get creative and make your own stand-up desks and beanbag chairs that kids will love.  If there is money in the budget, exercise balls with feet on the bottom, bungee chairs, or wiggle cushions are great in the classroom.  There is even a pedal desk.  This is a desk where the kids work and bicycle at the same time.

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