How many of you remember way back when you were a youngster, sitting around at school on those huge rugs with the alphabet embedded on them while the teacher reads to you? Especially in 1st grade, while you were still learning the letters of the alphabet. Those of you who are teachers should really consider investing in one of these rugs.

It will be good for those young scholars to be continuously exposed to letters and numbers. Perhaps before you have them sit for story time, you could make a game out of the letters printed on this educational carpet. The Alpha Rug for Classrooms is quite sizeable and spacious, you will be sure to fit your class of little ones right on it. Expose their eyes to the alphabet and learning, furnish your classroom with the Alpha Rug.

We’re aware that funds are always tight when it comes to school budgets. We also offer a great selection of factory second rugs that are still high quality but have a slight defect due to the color being slightly off. Check out our factory second school rugs out for big savings.