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How to get Kids to Line Up and Wait

Have you wondered how to get kids to line up and wait without having your line fall apart after 10 seconds?  It can be very difficult for some students to be in line properly with good behavior and still maintain their attention to the teacher for directions. There are several tips regarding how to help children accomplish this oftentimes overwhelming task. Waiting and walking in line at school are all part of the ordinary school routine but it can introduce a new challenge for kids who struggle with controlling themselves.  In order to walk in a line, kids have to be...

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Age-Appropriate Chores for Kids

An important step in kids learning self-care and the value of work is to have them do small, age-appropriate chores around the home. Not only does it teach them self-care skills for when they are older and on their own, but it helps them to develop fine-motor skills and decision-making skills. And while you may relish the idea of getting some help with household duties, you may worry that kids don’t know how to do the chore to reach your standards.  You have to keep in mind how crucial it is for kids to have a chance to be more...

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How to Explain Sensory Processing Disorder to Kids

Are you being diligent about determining how to work with behaviors and encourage kids in their development?  What if they are struggling with sensory issues?  It’s crucial that parents and all of the people in our children’s lives are educated about how to explain sensory processing disorder to them in case they are struggling with it or they need to learn to be more empathetic to kids who are.  How do you feel when things are very bright, loud, smelly, strong-tasting, crunchy, moving, or touching your skin? Do you feel happy and want more? Do you feel scared and want...

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Why do Kids Need to Move to Learn?

If you’re wondering why kids need to move to learn, it’s quite simple. When kids use their bodies in the learning process, it can have a huge positive effect, even if it seems silly or unconnected to the learning goal at hand. There are negative impacts upon students, particularly those with ADD/ADHD, using the American model of students sitting down to receive instruction. Currently, only one student out of twelve has the core strength of students measured in the 1980’s, impacting physical health and overall achievements. Have you heard of the new routine that includes a physically active type...

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Valentine’s Day Craft for Active Kids

Valentine’s Day, the sweetest time of the year is almost here. If you’re looking for Valentine’s Day activities for your classroom, therapy session, or at home, here is a great craft idea for a fun and loving day. All you need are: clothespins, glitter, cardstock or cardboard, crepe paper, yarn and any other decorations you have lying around and want to use.  And you can use construction paper or foam to cut out your hearts. Have you tried combining crafts with physical activity? There are many different Valentine activities to get children engaged and get them up and out of their...

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