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What is Flexible Seating?

Many teachers are moving away from traditional classroom environments and moving toward flexible-seating classroom management to help keep their students more engaged. Schools can provide budgets for this new classroom furniture, or teachers can use donations and/or their own money to purchase these items. The seating arrangements can include beanbag chairs, stability balls, yoga mats, and many more. Once the seating is introduced with rules enforced, each student should be able to sit wherever they feel comfortable. Teachers can also make assigned seating fun by assigning student groups that get to sit at different seating fixtures at different points...

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Activities for Kids to Develop Fine Motor Skills

There are many activities for kids to help develop fine motor skills to get their fingers, hands, and brain working together even if they don’t understand why they are doing the activity in the first place. Naturally the grown-ups presenting and encouraging participation in the fine motor activity will benefit from understanding the reason for certain activities.  It can help to motivate them to be consistent.  It has been said that knowledge is power.  Isn’t it time to give power to the parents, teachers, and therapists looking for simple yet effective methods for communicating with each other about fine...

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Reset Activities: Calming After a Tantrum

Children are blessings that all parents love to have. However, not all of the time is it rainbows and sunshine. You have those horrible temper tantrums that if done in the wrong place can cause some embarrassment and headaches for their parents. This is why it is important to have things around to help aid when dealing with those terrible headaches of time. Read along as you are shown different things and activities one can do to help a crazed parent with a throbbing headache and screaming child. It helps get your angel out of demon mode and back...

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Assistive Technology Available to Help Kids with Writing

There are many kids who have certain limitations cognitively or physically.  These limitations can have a huge impact on a child’s skills in writing.  That’s why they may need an alternate method of communicating.  There are many choices when it comes to assistive technology available to help kids with writing. Do you know how to use technology to get around student limitations when it comes to handwriting? Students who struggle with handwriting will benefit greatly from the wide range of assistive technology available.  Some of these tools help students circumvent the actual physical task of writing, while others help...

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The Arts and Education Go Together

The importance of learning art in school is as important as learning other subjects in school.  The arts and education go together, especially since studying and participating in the arts not only helps a child’s development, but it can also contribute to their successes later in life. Are you aware of how studying the arts go hand-in-hand with education? There are several ways a child can benefit from an art and academic education. To begin with, combining these two helps to promote a growth mindset.  Through the arts, students develop skills such as resilience, grit, and a growth mindset to...

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