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Teaching Techniques for 5th Graders

You will need some helpful teaching techniques for 5th graders since it is one of the significant transitional years that a child will have in the course of their education. It is the key year where children are viewed with expectations in areas of knowledge as well as excellence in their standards of work. Naturally some kids may hate having more expectations laid upon, but it is one of the most crucial transitions and basic methods to use in the future.  It will lay the groundwork to the format of education in junior high and high school. Basically, students are...

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All About Body Awareness

Body awareness is a skill that is really instinctive.  It’s not something you really think about about throughout the day. This aptitude is usually created in the background, as an outcome of motor skill practice gained through play and repetition. Body awareness is the ability to understand where our bodies are in space and how our bodies move.  Keep in mind that it is tied to the way the musculoskeletal and nervous systems and how they communicate with one another.  This makes it essential to the development of motor skills. For example, proper body awareness tells us how far to reach...

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Neighborhood Efforts Help Discourage Bullying

In addition to parents and teachers, neighborhood efforts help ward off bullying. Anti-bullying campaigns are the most successful when participants include students, parents, faculty, and community leaders. This method starts with educating parents and staff and moves towards getting the community involved in the school. Including the entire community in bullying prevention guarantees that not only the students and staff but also the parents and the larger community are working toward common goals of kindness and inclusion.  If you get the school involved in the community it increases the likelihood for real change. Parents need to understand and support...

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Supporting Arts-Based Research in Education

Arts-based research in education is described as the methodical practice of the artistic or creative process. It is the creating of artistic communications utilizing a variety styles of the arts. This research is being experimented with in modern schools, and experts have found information that is supporting arts-based research in education. Art-based research creates the impetus to ask educators to begin an examination to figure out what is valuable, and to be open to all opportunities for joining in. This research gives students a unique chance to go about figuring things out over the course of a curriculum in their own way. Have you tried...

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How to Motivate Student Writers

photo credit: It’s always surprising when typically talkative students have a hard time when it comes to writing.  All of a sudden they have nothing to say. Have you ever wanted to teach your child or your students creative ways to write? You can easily learn how to motivate student writers to get their creative juices flowing by using alternative methods to present their ideas. Have you had trouble getting your child or student to write down their creative ideas or assignments? There are special techniques to get tentative writers to get over their struggle with writing.  If students are better...

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