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Activities for Kids who Need Rough Play

Contemporary wisdom in child rearing has led to the avoidance of certain activities, particularly in the school environment. Dodgeball is, in many states, a fond childhood artifact gone the way of the dodo. Children who seem unable to avoid engaging in physical activities are described as ‘wild’ or ‘rough’, and while it is important that children learn the boundaries of what is and isn’t socially acceptable, Claire Heffron of the Inspired Treehouse argues rough play isn’t all bad. Children are undergoing a period of rapid developmental changes; and some amount of rough play is valuable in order to ensure...

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Classroom Management Ideas to Calm Students During Transitions

Classroom Management can be used to describe a lot of things in a classroom. However, transition times between activities – especially those that happen outside the classroom like lunchtime – are especially challenging. When kids enter a new period in school after lunch, or maybe another class like PE,  they are quite energetic and it’s hard to get them under control. The trick is to plan a daily task for your class that will give your students a concrete set of things to do so they know what to expect or to plan activities that make them want to participate. Teachhub...

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Teaching Strategies for Using iPads Grades K-2

Integrating technology with the classroom environment can kick start learning, but poses unique challenges in the youngest students. The kindergarten through second grade in particular need guidance to ensure that iPads facilitate education and don’t detract from the learning environment. Avoid common pitfalls with this guide containing a variety of resources and teach strategies, whether the class has access to one iPad or one per student. Included are links to apps for early education learning and apps that include common core standards. These most useful for a classroom with a 1:1 iPad student ratio to more concrete apps designed...

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Do you have an Early Childhood Education STEM program? Let the White House Know!

One of the White House’s responsibilities is to invest in America’s future; something President Barack Obama recently brought up in a State of the Union address. To that end, the Office of the President, together with the Office of Science and Technology Policy, is encouraging local organizations to embrace STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math education) advocacy for youth. White House Seeks info on All Types of Early Childhood Education STEM programs All forms of participation in STEM education are encouraged, from advocacy, to support for educators, and even non-traditional learning environments that promote STEM education such as zoos. Your...

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Design Ideas to Decrease Wait Times in the Doctor’s Office Waiting Room

Long wait times are a customary part of going to the doctor that cause both doctor and patient losses in productivity. Good design can reduce wait times in unexpected ways; improving patient satisfaction in the long run. How to Decrease Wait Time? This article shows 5 distinct ways your doctor’s office design can reduce wait times. It shows how with a little planning you can manage patient care more effectively and improve time management. For example, having a number of examination rooms that are not a prime number makes a big difference. Also, if the number of patient exam...

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