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Kids Pasta Activities for Math & Science

Pasta is not just a staple in the kitchen – it has been a go to item for kids activities for early education and preschool teachers for generations. For older kids, teachers often don’t think to use pasta activities as a teaching tool. Since pasta is inexpensive and so easily available it is a great idea to incorporate into activities for older kids too. Alycia Zimmerman, a teacher who is also regular blogger at, has four great ideas to get the ball rolling on your pasta activities for upper elementary students. They include: Pasta Rulers: Exploring Non-Standard Units of...

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#Edtech – Using Technology to Expand Student Career Choices

A teacher uses video phone calls to help motivate and inspire students by utilizing this technology to bring professionals into the classroom.  What began as trying to simply bring real-life professionals into the classroom had all kinds of potential. Using technology in the classroom to encourage professional development is an amazing tool to employ. How can videoconferencing help your students? Whether students are studying abroad or simply minutes away from campus, their hectic lifestyles and multiple time commitments have increased the need for advisers to use video conferencing tools to effectively advise them. Thankfully, free internet videoconferencing programs have...

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Pokémon Go to Inspire Student Creativity and Collaboration

Students cheer for mutants coming to their school and this means you can use Pokémon Go to inspire student creativity.  At an elementary school in Brazil – like at many elementary schools across the world – the Pokémon Go phenomenon has been having a huge impact on the children’s culture. What is Pokémon Go, and what are PokéStops? At first, one art teacher felt confused by the phenomenon, but she took the opportunity to listen and learn about it from her students. It gave her an idea for her art class: start a real-world version, called Mutant Go, around the...

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Create an Entertaining Reading and Writing Environment for Kids

You’ve heard it before, “School is boring,” kids proclaim. Children’s minds tend to lose focus and they become fidgety.  This can have a big impact on a child’s development. Children can be very creative when they are playing, doing something that they enjoy, or doing things that they can relate to. What are some of the techniques used to get children excited about reading and writing? There are many creative techniques to get children’s attention and get them excited about learning. Develop a way of teaching that allows the children to develop their reading and writing skills while having fun...

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