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Supporting Arts-Based Research in Education

Arts-based research in education is described as the methodical practice of the artistic or creative process. It is the creating of artistic communications utilizing a variety of styles of the arts. This research is being experimented with in modern schools, and experts have found information that is supporting arts-based research in education. Art-based research creates the impetus to ask educators to begin an examination to figure out what is valuable and to be open to all opportunities for joining in. This research gives students a unique chance to go about figuring things out over the course of a curriculum in their own way. Have...

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How to Motivate Student Writers

photo credit: It’s always surprising when typically talkative students have a hard time when it comes to writing.  All of a sudden they have nothing to say. Have you ever wanted to teach your child or your students creative ways to write? You can easily learn how to motivate student writers to get their creative juices flowing by using alternative methods to present their ideas. Have you had trouble getting your child or student to write down their creative ideas or assignments? There are special techniques to get tentative writers to get over their struggle with writing.  If students are better...

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How to Improve Teacher-Parent Communication using Technology

photo credit: Have you thought about doing a parent newsletter?  If you’re interested in learning how to improve teacher-parent communication, a parent newsletter can help facilitate that easily by using today’s technology. A parent newsletter is a good method for making sure parents know what’s going on in your classroom.  You can offer information about future activities, special events as well provide information to encourage families to be supportive of their children’s education while at home. What method are you using to communicate with parents? An effective class newsletter is not only an important tool for keeping parents...

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Confidential Tips from Substitute Teachers

Substitute teaching can be quite a demanding profession.  And of course it’s particularly difficult if you are new to teaching. so naturally it’s going to be intimidating. To help relieve some of your anxiety, here are some confidential tips from substitute teachers. All through the years, how substitute teachers have been viewed has not really changed much at all. If you can recall back to when you were in school, you may remember seeing a substitute teacher and then attempting to get away with anything and everything you can. Today, students still try to aggravate and take advantage of the...

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Getting Control of Your Classroom

Getting control of your classroom is essential to learning.  That’s why it is crucial to go back to the beginning the moment you feel that you’ve lost control of your students. What if you can’t get your students’ attention? Disrespect is exasperating for teachers, and can leave them feeling powerless, unimportant and completely insulted.  You may end up getting more upset while you wait, and possibly losing it by yelling or threatening.  And while this may get their attention, the hostility you’ve created is going to get in your way in everything you do. However, there is a method...

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