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Tips for Playing with Babies and Toddlers

You would be forgiven for thinking the title of this article is a little patronizing. Who doesn’t know how to play with their infant or toddler, right? And even if you don’t have kids, it’s something that you would think you would pick up naturally.

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How to prepare your home for a new baby

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all the things you need to do to prepare for your new baby while you’re expecting. You may not know where to begin with hundreds of medical appointments, birthing planning, lifestyle changes, and more. Many individuals are unsure where to begin when it comes to preparing for a new baby. The good news is that this state of bewilderment is perfectly natural and that everyone goes through it while pondering how to prepare for a new bundle of joy. Use this method to get the job done, whether your deadline is coming or you just want to get your house in better order. Decide on a Room for the Nursery Choosing a location for your baby’s nursery is the first item on your pregnancy and nesting to-do list. Consider the objects you’ll be putting in it and how much space they’ll take up if you have more than one room in your house that might be used for a nursery. The proximity of the room to yours is another thing to consider, especially if your child has difficulties sleeping through the night. Set up baby space in your bedroom If you don’t have a spare room, the nursery will most likely be set up in your main bedroom. Keep your baby’s cot away from windows, electrical wires, and any heavy shelving units or...

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5 Energy Busting Games and Activities That Foster Sibling Bond

Our siblings are one of life’s greatest joys. They are there for us through thick and thin, from the day we are born. We spend our childhood, our adolescence, and our adulthood with them. They are our first real friends and relations. Let us check out some of the really great activities that help foster a deep and lifelong bond amongst siblings: 1.     Surprise Each Other You can start this one with the “Guess what I have in my hand” type of question. Show them your closed fists and ask them to select one. When they pry your hand open, you can say. “It’s a hug” and hugs them. Alternatively, you can say its tickles and tickle them till they are shaking with laughter. Do it right the first few times and you will be guaranteed a few giggles. You can create a variation by saying it is a chase and play tag with your siblings all over the house. Become a Copycat Both young and old siblings will simply love this energy-bursting but simple and silly game.  It is an extremely easy game to play. All of you should get together and play tag till someone becomes ‘it.’ On the other hand, it may be the first person that goes right ahead and does something silly. It can be anything wild and crazy, such as doing a dozen...

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