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10 Fun and Easy Spring Crafts for Kids

Can you feel the spring in the air?  Are you looking for some spring activities for kids?  Well, I am so excited to show you a great selection of spring crafts for kids.  And since I’m not the craftiest person around, these are definitely going to be very simple spring craft ideas. Paper Towel Butterfly  This is a fun spring craft that is also a lesson in water absorption, and you’ll love the beautiful colors! Spring CD Chick  Birds on a Wire A fun and fine motor challenging springtime activity for kids. Aluminum Foil Butterfly Make these bright and...

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Teaching Children about Love on Valentine’s Day

Have you thought teaching children about love on Valentine’s Day? It’s tempting to give children treats on Valentine’s Day, frequently at the expense of simple acts of love and kindness.  However, everyone knows that communicating the significance of love and expressing kindness is far more treasured than anything you can buy. What can you teach kids about Valentine’s Day? Valentine’s Day, much like Halloween, is a holiday that kids love, primarily for the candy. However, there are many small but meaningful ways to express love on Valentine’s Day. A simple note hidden away for your valentine to discover later in...

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How to Get Your Students to do Their Homework

There are many strategies available if you are researching how to get your students to do their homework.  To begin with, it is crucial to make sure that students are well-equipped to complete homework assignments by having what they need to get the job done. They should have clear instructions and complete understanding before leaving class. If students aren’t prepared to do their homework, they could end up feeling frustrated and like giving up, which will hurt their self-esteem and they may fall behind in the process. Teachers, students and parents can work together to set up a system that...

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Nutritious Snack Ideas for the Teacher

Everyone has heard that the most important meal of the day is breakfast, but many still choose to skip it. Taking the time to make a meal in the morning can feel overwhelming to fit into your routine, especially if you’re a teacher.  That’s why it’s simpler to try a few grab-and-go snacks.  Simply taking a few hours one day a week to prepare some nutritious snacks for for the entire week will ensure you are eating healthy without having it stress you out. Have you thought about the ingredients in your store-bought trail mix? There are many trail...

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How to Manage Your Classroom Take-Home Folders

photo credit: One of the particularly significant tools a teacher has is the take-home folder and figuring out how to manage your classroom take-home folders is vital to your class running smoothly. These folders are not just a great method for connecting and collaborating with parents, but they are a great method to teach students some accountability for their schoolwork. They will learn right away that they have to bring their folder to and from school every day. How do you organize your classroom take-home folders? The take-home folder is essential when it comes to classroom management.  It...

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