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Pokémon Go inspires Student Creativity

Students cheer for mutants coming to their school and this means you can use Pokémon Go to inspire student creativity.  At an elementary school in Brazil – like at many elementary schools across the world – the Pokémon Go phenomenon was having a huge impact on the children’s culture. What is Pokémon Go? What are PokéStops? At first, one art teacher felt confused by the phenomenon, but she took the opportunity to listen and learn about it from her students. It gave her an idea for her art class: start a real-world version, called Mutant Go, around the school. Students...

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The Successful Collaboration between Education and Technology

Learning comes first and technology second, but the successful collaboration between education and technology is valuable to your class. So what is the significance of technology in the classroom? Many schools may boast about their new sparkly electronics.  It could be an iPad, a chromebook, or a laptop.  But what are they doing with the technology? Technology integration is the use of technology resources — computers, mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, digital cameras, social media platforms, the Internet, etc. — in your daily classroom practices, and in the management of a school. And students are often more actively engaged...

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Indispensable Advice for Kids about New Years

Indispensable advice for kids about New Year’s Eve is important because it’s beginning to look a lot like New Year’s everywhere we go.  From the “Auld Lang Syne” music loop at the department stores to the Christmas clearance items at Kohl’s. More than anything, however, we get a sense that the past year has gone by so fast. We are reminded again how time flies, and that the new year will go by quickly as well. So it’s time for resolutions because everyone wants to do better for the new year. In other words, the New Year’s holiday makes...

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Celebrating New Years Eve With Family

New Year’s Eve festivities are often adult-centered occasions, but kids are eager about the big night also. And since babysitters are hard to find and restaurant prices are excessive and offer bad service on December 31, it seems more logical to party with the kids. You can have lots of fun hanging out at home celebrating new year’s eve with family. Do you have to stay up to midnight with the kids to celebrate new year’s eve? Most kids can’t or shouldn’t stay up in anticipation of midnight, so a great idea is to count down until the “noon year.”...

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Realistic New Year’s Resolutions for Teachers

A resolution can be best used to determine if your teaching methods are working or if you need to make a change.  A resolution is simply a firm decision to do something new or not do something you’ve been doing in the past.  For teachers to make their goals achievable, they need to make realistic new year’s resolutions. What are you New Year’s resolutions for this upcoming year? Is it time to reassess your teaching methods?  What is your teaching style?  Your teaching style is the precise method that you and only you are using.   Is your classroom...

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