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Rock Your Child’s World With Creative Rocking Toys

The rocking horse has long been a favorite childhood staple, and recognizing the importance of creative play, SensoryEdge brings you an extraordinary selection of rocking toys to match your child’s interests. Imagine the delight on Christmas morning when your little one finds one of these rocking toy treasures under your tree. Let your little cow poke ride the imaginary range on the Kiddie Ups Cowboy Rocking Horse. Made especially with a small child’s safety in mind, this rocking toy is a combination of a rocking horse and rocking chair, so it’s easier for smaller children and children with physical challenges to stay on. The cow boy theme is played out on this rocking toy with a cactus cut-out seat back and bandana design seat bottom, and your child will love petting his horse’s silky mane. Rocking toys is not limited to horses. Perhaps your child would enjoy sailing the high seas on a rocking animal. Perhaps some real horse power is in order. SensoryEdge offers replica rocking toys that look just like mini Harley-Davidson motorcycles, in his and hers designs. Your child is sure to be delighted with whatever rocking toy you choose from...

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Let Your Child Be The Star With A Puppet Theater

Sensory Edge’s Puppet Theaters are built to let your child’s imagination grow. It is perfect opportunity for individuals or groups to work together and create an experience that is unique to them. Center Stage Tabletop Puppet Theater Give your child the opportunity to be the star of their own imagination. Let your child imagine themselves as a knight or a princess. Perhaps your child would like to be on an African safari encountering elephants, giraffes, lions and zebra. When your child’s imagination is stimulated with a Puppet Theater, the stories will be boundless. Give your child the opportunity to entertain you with their wild imagination. Children see the Puppet Theaters as more than just a theater. Watch your child turn the theater into many different things such as a ticket booth, lemonade stand, sales counter, television, post office or general store. Whitney Brothers Deluxe Puppet Theatre Puppet Theaters are generally bright and colorful. Some features may include a chalkboard, felt board or dry erase board on the front so your little one can also title their plays, post show times or even draw additional scenery. There is also storage shelves in the back of most of the theaters to keep the playroom neat and puppets and materials organized. Puppet Theaters also can come with some sort of curtain or curtain rod so scene changes and dramatic endings can be...

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Floor Puzzles Work The Brain In Multiple Ways

Floor Puzzles help stimulate brain activity by working on problem solving, coordination and imagination. Most floor puzzles are recommended for children ages 3 and up and help with hand eye coordination and fine motor skills. The circle floor puzzle is a simple circle shape that has eight boldly colored pieces and is 11 inches in diameter. This puzzle is intended to increase the child’s connection and association with the space around him or her. This particular floor puzzle is even sold at the National Gallery of Art in Washington D.C., so you know it has to not only be useful, but beautiful as well! Melissa & Doug There are floor puzzles geared towards boys and girls both individually and together. Brothers and sisters can both work on the ABC floor puzzle, the Solar System floor puzzle or the Under the Sea floor puzzle. Girls may prefer playing with the Fairy Tale Castle floor puzzle. For the boys there is a Construction floor puzzle. Floor puzzles also make great individual activities as well for older children. Children get a great sense of accomplishment from completing a floor puzzle. Working on a floor puzzle can also encourage the early desire to complete tasks. Melissa & Doug floor puzzles are 20% thicker than the cardboard used in competitors puzzles. The floor puzzles are also thickly coated to ensure easy cleanup.The extra thickness...

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Pedal Cars: Fun the Old Fashioned Way

Today, many children are spending far too much time sitting indoors in front of the TV or video game screen. Get ’em up and moving for some old fashioned fun with their very own pedal cars and planes. Pedal cars promote creative play, while getting your child out in the sunshine and fresh air for some much needed exercise. And pedal cars are far more enticing than ordinary bicycles. Remember how much you wanted to drive your very own car when you were little, just like mom and dad? Let your child emulate everyday heroes with an old fashioned Police Pedal Car, or a fabulous Fire Truck with working bell and ladder hooks. These gorgeous recreations of the emergency vehicles of yesterday are crafted with quality in mind. What child wouldn’t be thrilled to the bone to find one of these pedal cars with a bow wrapped around it just for them? Some Pedal Cars look like a classic auto show replica. These beauties come in a rainbow of colors and you won’t believe the quality of materials used in constructing these pedal cars. Real chrome steering wheel and hubcaps, and solid duralast tires compliment this pedal car’s all steel construction. Overall, a great investment for years of playing fun to come. This pedal car is sure to become a family heirloom to pass down to the grandkids. Pedal...

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Put Your Child On The Path To Early Reading Success

A child who learns to read well possesses the single most important tool for educational success.Phonemic awareness is the key to beginning reading success. To put it simply, phonemics involves being able to understand that words are broken down into parts and sounds. If a child can learn to associate a letter visually with the sound that letter makes, then they can learn to sound out unfamiliar words one syllable at a time. Early reading success will give your children the confidence and self esteem they need to carry them through their academic experience. The Letters & Sounds Wall Poster by Alphagram is a terrific and inexpensive way to help your pre-schooler begin making the letter-sound connections that will lead them to early reading success. The entire alphabet is represented with pictures to match each letter sound. Common consonant teams such as ch, th and sh, as well as vowel sounds are also covered on this handy reading success tool. The Ready Set Read! Reading Program by Alphagram is filled with games and ideas that will make reading success fun to achieve. Spending as little as twenty minutes a day working this program with your pre-school or kindergarten aged child can boost early reading success dramatically. What better way is there to reinforce letter identification and reading success than with the Handwriting Without Tears Pre-K Program. While children actually...

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