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Fun Furniture for Kids

Kids love to have things of their very own and especially love to have kid’s furniture that really fits their little bodies. Not only is the furniture kid-sized but many items can also be personalized for each child. The first piece of kid’s furniture that is sure to be a favorite is the old fashioned children’s step stool. It can be used in a variety of conventional ways but is also a great place for toy battles, doll arrangements, or any other use a little imagination can think of. The step stool has a convenient built in carrying handle. The step stool is made of MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) so it is strong enough to hold adult weight as well. Be sure to personalize the step stool as a special touch. The child will love to see his or her name written on the step stool. Please check the website for a complete listing of available step stool colors and personalization colors for this selection of kid’s furniture. Talk about feeling like royalty in the bedroom! Child’s sofas are a dream-come-true for sleepovers, lounging, or just hanging out with friends. The chenille kid’s furniture sofa comes in 4 different upholstery colors and is constructed with fire retardant dense foam. The chenille is incredibly soft to the touch and would be a great conversation piece for any room in the...

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Children’s Furniture Heaven

Every child will love to have children’s furniture from SensoryEdge. The website offers a huge variety of children’s furniture from child sized sofas to bubble furniture to furniture accessories. A few of the great selections of children’s furniture are listed below. Each item listed in the children’s furniture is fun for children and sturdy for little hands. Kids love to see their names on items they can call their own so the child’s personalized clothes rack is a perfect choice for any child. They love to hang up their coat or sweater on their very own clothes rack. Racks are available in either primary colors or pastel colors. There are also a variety of children’s desks available in various color options. The computer desk is a great piece of children’s furniture that fits the child’s size and needs. The tabletop has a slot for computer cables and there is also a slide-out keyboard tray. The computer desk comes in either pastel or primary colors as well. This piece of children’s furniture would be a great asset to any child’s room. A mother’s favorite piece of children’s furniture is always the toy box. The toy chest selections available from Sensory Edge are a far cry from the plain jane chests known in the past. The toy chest children’s furniture is sturdy, safe, and durable. There are many different kinds of...

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Autism And How Sensory Toys Help Development

Most children love to explore the world around them using all their senses but some children with Autism need some help to appreciate the world by using sensory toys. Children with Autism have a preferred way of what and how they want to do things. Some may prefer to use their sense of smell over vision while others may prefer to rock back and forth rather than listen to talk around them, since the rocking sensation feels good to them. This kind of behavior may be confusing to those around children with Autism but actually the behavior gives clues to the preferred sensory communication the child likes to use. Once the sensory channel is defined for the Autistic child, use of the sensory toys will be able to enhance communication with the child and maintain a longer attention span. Sensory toys will allow some special one on one time with the Autistic child while playing with a toy that all can understand.   Many children with Autism need sensory toys that will allow them to fidget. This fidgeting allows aids them in concentration and learning. Some of the best sensory toys for this particular Autistic need would be stretchy toys, soft pliable toys and vibrating toys. Another great sensory toy for Autistic children is the Sensy Therapy ball. This ball is soft to the touch but has numerous small...

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Welcome to

As the parents of two young children, we understand the importance of providing them with the right toys and learning products. When we had our first child we had no idea what kind of toys we should purchase; we bought what we thought was cute. As he grew, we learned that he had a speech disorder and sensory integration issues. It was then that we discovered how truly important it is to have the right educational and sensory-based products. It is with this in mind that we created We are dedicated to providing the best items at great prices. We also want to be a resource for caregivers. We will be publishing articles and activities from parents, teachers, and therapists in our newsletter.If you’re looking for something you don’t see, let us know – we may be able to get it for you. We are constantly researching and adding new products so bookmark us and visit often. We know you could shop anywhere, so thanks for stopping...

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