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30 Amazing Sources for Free Teacher Resources

Teachers typically have to pay out of pocket for their classroom supplies, so many are looking for free resources that they can use to improve their curriculum. Amazon Inspire is a community in which teachers can come together online and offer each other free educational material. Common Sense Media offers lessons that are free of cost for teachers or parents to use for students that are K-12. Discovery Ed offers materials for learning experiences that go beyond traditional classroom teachings. Key Takeaways: Amazon Inspire gives grade school, middle school and High School teachers access to a great online community and collaborative database. The Kennedy Arts Center Edge provides an online site with arts-specific resources for K-12. Common Lit is a free online site with literary passages, both fiction and non-fiction, as well as relevant study questions, aimed at primary and high-school aged students. “We’ve done the research for you and here are 30 of our top sources for free teacher resources including lesson plans and activities created by fellow professional educators (marked with an asterisk).” Read more:...

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Three Things Teachers Need to Spot—and Stop—Plagiarism

Imagine that you teach five classes and each class has three dozen students, a not at all impossible scenario. Consider the reams of homework to assess and grade crossing your desk. Not only is it important to assess if each student has grasped the concepts that he, or she was expected to learn, thereby adequately fulfilling the assignment, there is also the more troubling aspect to consider. Educators have to be on the lookout all the time for plagiarism. It’s an ugly beast whose head is not disappearing. In fact, nearly sixty percent of the seventy thousand students surveyed...

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The Greatest Enemy of Creativity in Schools Isn’t Testing. It’s Time.

Many kids end up missing their chance to thrive in a public school setting due to time restrictions preventing them from expressing creativity and curiosity. Katie White is an author and educator who has a substantial amount of experience when it comes to productivity in the classroom, and she explains that when kids are unable to feel comfortable enough to express themselves and ask questions, they end up lacking the appropriate knowledge and skills to advance in testing and other areas of educational achievement. Key Takeaways: Creativity is known when seen and hard to pin down that is why personalities like Sir Ken Robinson have put schools to task to accurately test student’s creativity. Karie White argues that creativity has an observable and measurable aspect that teachers should be taught about to look for. She has written a book for teachers where they are taught on how they can spark the creative process in the classroom while assessing students regularly. “Measuring and assessing such work in a way that keeps kids inspired is another matter, though, and schools aren’t known for being good at it.” Read more:...

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Anxiety in the Classroom

Some people really struggle to deal with their anxiety that takes place in a classroom setting. Some people just cannot deal with the perpetual pressure there is to always perform well in school. Having good grades can go a really long way in the world and that holds true for any particular sector that you would like to join one day. If you do not like this, then you need to take your expectations down a notch. Key Takeaways: Children experience an array of anxiety types, which stem from different sources. Selective mutism, for example stems from anxiety surrounding...

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How to Help Students Land the STEM Jobs of the Future

FIRST is a non-profit organization that uses robotics to encourage science and technology STEM learning in kids. The program allows kids to work cooperatively in a competitive environment, all while building, enhancing, and testing their robots. The teams involve people specialized in hardware, software, mechanical engineering, and marketing. In this current day it is inefficient to hire based solely on experience. With the rapid changes in technology, it is equally important to find people who can learn. This prevents companies from having to replace staff every few years. Key Takeaways: The amount of money that is being thrown around...

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