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Why Students Should Learn to Be Kind to Animals

From a young age, compassion is something that should be stressed. All life on this planet is important and students should be taught that. There is no set formula for teaching kids on how to be compassionate for this planet but it is something that needs to try and be instilled from a young age. Animals need love just like humans. If students learn to value and be kind to animals, chances are they will do the same to humans. Key Takeaways: Animals are wonderful creatures that are a big part of life that is present on earth. Teaching students compassion from a young age is something that is really important. From generation to generation, teaching our kids how to appreciate life on this planet is very important. “As educators, we’re always looking for new ways to motivate our students and invigorate our teaching. In my class of English-language learners, students often, justifiably, are fearful being in a new country and having to make new friends.” Read more:...

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How To Never Run Out Of New Ideas As A Teacher –

As a teacher, your job is not easy as it is. There are so many different personalities to manage and sometimes it is not always easy to stand in front of a class and teach them something that they do not seem interested in learning. In this case, a teacher must come up with creative new ideas to make sure that their audience, the students, are constantly paying attention and are not bored of the class! Key Takeaways: Teachers do not have a very easy job no matter what others think. To keep students engaged and wanting to learn,...

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Understanding Learning Styles

In the world today, some people make learning a bit more complicated than it should be. The bottom line is that some people are better than other people when it comes to learning new things. It is not easy for some people to learn how to retain new information. However, the people who are conscious of how they are able to learn effectively find that they retain information much better than most people that are trying to get by. Key Takeaways: There are people out there that just cannot learn new things no matter how hard they try. Some people are more inclined to learn than others due to a desire that comes from within. Knowing the type of learner that you are can be so effective when trying to learn new things. “Research has divided these learning styles into a number of broad categories. Theory often bears little resemblance to practice, but in this case, we can all think of plenty of pupils whose learning style reflects one (or more) of the categories below.” Read more:...

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12 Back To School Teaching Resources For The Best Year Ever –

A new school year commences. Naturally, the first day, or days, is given over to necessities, getting every one’s name and place right, figuring out how things go and what the goals and lessons are going to be. Once these needed areas are settled, however, there may be a space for some great extras, teacher resources that can make the classroom experience better for all. Some things worth looking into include, team-building games, strategies for getting kids to ask more questions, projects that allow kids to show off what they have learned. Teachers may want to look into strategies...

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