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Recycling Soda Cans into School Supplies

Mary Stumpp is known for hauling aluminum cans in her pickup Truck and raising money for Indianapolis schools. Her nickname is, “the Can Lady”. She will drive around the city and pick up recyclable items from stores such as cans, wires, and other metals. When she receives money for the recyclable items, she gives the money to IPS and its’ teachers. Mary believes that more important action is the recycling and raising money for schools is an additional bonus. Mary has been doing this program for ten years and has raised around $70,000 for IPS. Mary is trying to...

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The Benefits of Mindfulness – How Could It Help You?

Mindfulness is an idea that comes from ancient practices of meditation. It has been shown to improve mental clarity, health, and psychological well-being. It has many benefits that suit all manner of people. Practicing mindfulness can reduce stress and make one more resistant to reactive thinking. Mindfulness can improve memory and reduce anxiety. It can lead to more creative thinking. Mindfulness can fight addictions like alcoholism. It can improve physical health and reduce pain of all types especially chronic. It has been shown to create more ethical behavior and abate lingering prejudices. Key Takeaways: Mindfulness is not being caught...

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Students Aren’t the Only Ones in Schools Who Need a Financial Literacy Course

There is a major issue going on in the US education system and it is that schools are not addressing financial literacy issues. Children need to learn about and understand finances so they can prepare for real life situations. Only 28 states even have financial literacy standards for elementary school children. If you want these children to learn how to manage money and allocate funds, they need to start at a young age. Many people believe financial literacy should be a requirement for not only students but for employees of schools also. Key Takeaways: Many schools lack the basics...

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