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Learning Math? 25 Of The Best Math Resources For 2020

Math learning lends itself to digital tools like apps and websites. Progress can be tracked, complexity can be adjusted, and achievements can be awarded as motivation. Games are a common tactic to help children learn math. Zapzapmath, Sushi Monster, Middle School Math and Operation Math all take this approach. Other digital resources provide useful tools, such as Fraction Calculator Plus or Free Graphing Calculator. Finally, Math & Science Tutor and Khan Academy offer videos and lessons on a variety of subjects, including mathematics. Key Takeaways: Sushi Monster and Operation Math are games that can improve children’s math skills. For assistance with arithmetic and graphing, try Fraction Calculator Plus and Free Graphing Calculator. Wolfram Alpha is a search engine that provides answers on many topics, including mathematics. “Year to year, the best math resources tend to stay the same, with large platforms like the Kahn Academy being supplemented by well-designed apps like Quizlet and Math Agent.” Read more:...

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10 best indoor family activities to do!

Families can and should engage in wholesome recreational activities. Doing so provides structure and learning opportunities for children, as well as developing familial relationships and creating a sense of love and trust in the family unit. Many families struggle to find activities to do indoors, when the weather is considered bad or going outside is not an option due to things like safety or time constraints. One activity to do inside is to eat meals together and have a conversation. Key Takeaways: Indoor family activities are a great way to bring everyone together and create fun lifelong memories! Just having a conversation with your kids is a great way for them to feel heard and is very beneficial for everyone’s mental health. Doing DIY crafts as a family is a fun and creative way to spend quality time together. “A good conversation is really beneficial. It becomes more important when we talk about conversations between parents and children.” Read more:...

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5 parenting advices : you definitely need for better parenting ⋆ She Often Blogs

Parents are often bombarded with advice on how to raise their kids. The truth is, your parenting style probably works great as is, but there may be room to improve. First, make sure you spend quality time with your children. Next, refrain from comparing your kids to others, as this puts undue pressure on the children. Staying organized – use a to-do list if necessary – is the key to remaining relaxed as a parent. Family vacations are another way to relieve stress, and they further provide the opportunity to reconnect with your kids. Last, be sure to take time out for yourself. If you don’t take care of yourself, you won’t be able to care for your children. Key Takeaways: Even if you’re a busy working mom, you must find a way to spend quality time with your children. Family trips bring everyone closer together and help rid yourself of stress and pressure. If you don’t take care of yourself, you will be less effective at taking care of your family. “A new piece of advice every time may leave you completely perplexed and you may feel losing your sanity.” Read more:...

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Positive Discipline: 10 Ways to Stop Taking Recess Away – The Inspired Treehouse

Recess is effective in getting children to focus and behave during the day. A big part of development in childhood is getting plenty of exercise. Sitting in a classroom all day yields few benefits to children who don’t get to move around much during the school day. Getting recess taken away should not be a punishment because it is often the disruptive children that need recess the most. There are several other ideas, like taking away a specific piece of playground equipment as punishment as opposed to having them sit out for the entire recess. Allow kids to move around and they will perform better in school. Key Takeaways: Children who are disruptive or fidgety in class are the ones who are most in need of recess. Instead of losing recess, kids can be punished by making them do something physical, such as walking laps or raking leaves. Losing screen time is a better punishment than losing recess time. “Do we continue to take away recess as a punishment, or do we come up with other options to give kids more not less of what they need to regulate their bodies and behavior at school?” Read more:...

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How to Close the Gap Between Learners?

There are all kinds of learners in a classroom and lowering the brightest students to a level of learning more adaptable to others is unacceptable. Instead students that are less motivated or are struggling need help from their parents to stay up with the class. Some parents will not help their children with homework and that is failing the student. Asking for smaller class sizes would be effective if it was a realistic option but most times it is not. Offering tutoring after school is a viable option though. It is also key to establish reading and math habits early. Key Takeaways: Teachers can get families involved with their child’s learning or offer tutoring themselves to help struggling students. Teachers can let students help each other by grouping lower performing students with brighter ones. Focus on solidifying early literacy and math skills so that students don’t continue to fall behind. “as the teacher, it is your responsibility to close this gap between all the learners.” Read more:...

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