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We Need to Make Kindergarten Engaging Again

Compared to just twenty years ago, kindergarten classrooms have become far more intense and far more strictly regimented. This can actually hurt academic performance down the line by dampening children’s natural sense of curiosity and wonder. Educators across multiple states have expressed concern that the more rigorous kindergarten lesson plans are destroying young children’s enjoyment of school. They would rather see more engagement with children’s curiosity, inquisitiveness and sense of wonder, with more playtime and social interaction, and less testing. Key Takeaways: Today’s kindergarten students spend more time on teacher-led academics and less time on play than their counterparts...

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The Best Way to Improve Reading Comprehension

A genuine love of reading can confer great advantages in students, such as improved attention, imagination and knowledge. Reading requires people to create and maintain their own mental imagery of the story, and while this skill comes readily to some people, it is much more difficult for others. People who have trouble visualizing in association with what they are reading may feel like someone watching a movie with their eyes closed. Teaching better visualization skills can help cultivate a love of reading, and improve comprehension skills as well. Key Takeaways: Reading a book and watching a movie have one thing in common – imagery. Going to a movie with the eyes closed would be boring. While reading, a good reader creates mental imagery that engages their imagination, spurs up their imagination, and drags them into the story’s virtual reality. During her years of practice as a learning specialist and education therapist, the author has observed that bad readers get little to no mental imagery from reading. “Research shows that reading exercises attention, exposes readers to new ideas, and improves knowledge, vocabulary, imagination, writing abilities, attention and memory.” Read more:...

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The Greatest Enemy of Creativity in Schools Isn’t Testing. It’s Time.

Many kids end up missing their chance to thrive in a public school setting due to time restrictions preventing them from expressing creativity and curiosity. Katie White is an author and educator who has a substantial amount of experience when it comes to productivity in the classroom, and she explains that when kids are unable to feel comfortable enough to express themselves and ask questions, they end up lacking the appropriate knowledge and skills to advance in testing and other areas of educational achievement. Key Takeaways: Creativity is known when seen and hard to pin down that is why personalities like Sir Ken Robinson have put schools to task to accurately test student’s creativity. Karie White argues that creativity has an observable and measurable aspect that teachers should be taught about to look for. She has written a book for teachers where they are taught on how they can spark the creative process in the classroom while assessing students regularly. “Measuring and assessing such work in a way that keeps kids inspired is another matter, though, and schools aren’t known for being good at it.” Read more:...

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Anxiety in the Classroom

Some people really struggle to deal with their anxiety that takes place in a classroom setting. Some people just cannot deal with the perpetual pressure there is to always perform well in school. Having good grades can go a really long way in the world and that holds true for any particular sector that you would like to join one day. If you do not like this, then you need to take your expectations down a notch. Key Takeaways: Children experience an array of anxiety types, which stem from different sources. Selective mutism, for example stems from anxiety surrounding...

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Why Every Parent’s Home Needs to Have STEM Toys

Toys should invoke imagination, engage physical and metal skills for the age appropriate level of the child. STEM toys do just that. Kids are naturally curious, and the important thing to to foster a love of learning for the world around them. Toys teach kids how to learn in a fun manner, and how a person learns to learn is just as important if not more so than what they learn. How a person learns leads to a lifetime of learning and the love of knowledge. Key Takeaways: What is very worrisome to parents is how to prepare their children for success. This is because the world is changing fast. The challenges children face are very different from what their parents and grandparents face that is why choosing the right courses and study materials is a challenge. Because science and technology are advancing, the future lies in STEM. Parents need to incorporate STEM-related toys in their children’s training. “Given the changes in technology and the acceleration of robotics and artificial intelligence, today’s parents struggle to predict which skills will be most important for their child’s future.” Read more:...

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