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6 surprisingly easy ways to raise a generous child

Although it might sometimes be hard to believe, generosity is hardwired into human beings, and so teaching it to children is often surprisingly easy. The most basic way is to model sharing behavior in front of them, because the generosity of parents can have a great influence on the generosity of the child. Taking turns can be an important behavior to model as well. Eating meals in a communal style can also help make kids more aware of the need to share with others. Key Takeaways: Model generous behavior, so your kids will pick up those behaviors. Serve family-style...

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Want to Keep Your Best Teachers? Here Are Some Ideas.

Retaining your best teachers is one of the most crucial — and difficult — aspects of running a school. There are many strategies for this, but it’s important, above all, to remember to treat all of your teachers professionally. Take all concerns seriously. Additionally, allowing schedules that are as flexible as possible is another important way to keep teachers. Finally, make sure to show as much appreciation for their work as possible. If teachers don’t feel like their role is being taken seriously, they will look for other options. Key Takeaways: Teachers want to be respected and treated like the professionals that they are. Make sure that the teachers have the supplies they need, so they don’t have to dip into their own pockets. Check in with teachers to see if they are having difficulties that you can address. “As an administrator, great teachers are your most important asset.” Read more:...

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