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The Particular Agony of Teacher Observations

Teacher observations are very difficult to deal with as a teacher. Some people get really nervous and start to act a little bit different during observations. Some times, there are people who do not care about having someone watch them and they are able to perform at a really high level. These people are very rare as most teachers have reported to be a bit uncomfortable when a higher up in their school comes to watch them. Key Takeaways: Most people do not like to be looked at while they are teaching because of the pressure. Some people deal...

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Teaching Is as Stressful as an ER. These Calming Strategies Can Help.

Picture that you are surrounded, outnumbered 25, maybe 30 to one. Your role is a complicated one; a delicate balance of educator, mediator, role model , entertainer, advocate and referee. The idea is overwhelming in itself, now factor in those that outnumber you bring outside issues into the mix you must deal with such as hunger, attention span, conflict, or physical/ substance abuse. That is all in a days work for a teacher in American schools. This environment is not for the weak hearted, but there are steps that can be taken to actively reduce the stress such as mindful walking, breathing exercises, and honing conflict resolution skills. Key Takeaways: Sometimes, class room scenarios can be so stressful that some teachers are forced to overreact to the situation. Teachers who maintain a composed environment despite the stressful situation in the classrooms maintain a supportive learning environment for students. Researchers from Penn State University have discovered that the stressful environment teachers face daily can be compared to the stress found in an emergency room. “While we must address the contextual issues that overburden our educators, we must also take the steps to build their resilience.” Read more:...

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Maintaining a Healthy Classroom Environment — School Planning & Management

You want to make sure that your students are present and actually attempting to learn within the classroom. Sure, a classroom is more than a place where someone is supposed to learn. It is, and definitely should be, a social setting where people can learn how to talk to others. By talking to other people, of both sexes, then you are able to build people skills. Therefore, the most useful classrooms are the ones that promote both learning and communicating. Key Takeaways: Standing desks allow students to burn more calories and it enhances their concentration. If your students have...

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Top 12 Classroom Fitness Activities

There are a bunch of different fitness activities that can be done in the classroom settings. Depending on the type of teacher that is teaching, there are a ton of different things that can be done. A lot of students, of all ages, like to stay active and really fit during the day. You are a product of what you do and if you are forced to exercise during class, then that could be really beneficial for you. Key Takeaways: Students can stand next to their desks rather than seat. To answer a question, they should jump rather than...

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The Secret to Finding ‘Aha’ Moments in Math Class

There are a bunch of different tricks that people use to learn something on a consistent basis. Everyone is a different learner and retains information at a different rate. However, the best learners are ones that have a set way for how they get information and how they retain it. The best way to learn is by doing. In math class, it is no different. When you are learning something difficult, you will have a moment where it clicks for you. Key Takeaways: Math is one of those subjects that some people get and others just have no time...

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