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Fuel Your Fitness!

Ensuring that your children have quick access to healthy snacks is vital in knowing that they’re gaining the proper nutrition throughout the day. Some ways to do this are by pre-slicing fruit or vegetables so that they have easy access to it throughout the day. Also be sure to carry non-perishable items that have wholesome nutritional content on you at all times, just in case they wind up getting hungry and needing a snack while you’re out and about. Key Takeaways: A good way to ensure healthy snacking is to create your own trail mix, which can be stored...

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Ways Parents Can Cut Down on Sugar

As a parent, it is your job to display healthy eating habits around your children so that they have the motivation to model these balanced behaviors. Cutting back on sugar is hard with so many sweet treats that we reach for throughout the day, but taking simple steps can allow you to rid your diet of high sugar content. One method is to start by looking for 100% whole wheat cereal varieties instead of opting for those that have high fat and sugar content. Key Takeaways: Sugar consumption in excess leads to dental carries and one too many pounds,...

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Teaching Is as Stressful as an ER. These Calming Strategies Can Help.

A Penn State research study recently concluded that working as a teacher in a classroom setting is just as stressful as working in an emergency room. With these alarming statistics, it is important to adhere to several successful calming strategies that can help you and your students remain mindful and balanced. Making sure that your own emotional needs are met and that you participate in emotional regulatory practices has been proven to translate in being more sensitive to the needs of your students. Key Takeaways: Today’s educators are pulled and challenged not just by classroom duties, but by escalating...

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Parents, Are We Preparing Our Kids for College Properly?

Going from high school to college brings extreme changes; more responsibility, more freedom, more burdens. To set your children up for success, it remains important to prep them for this transition. While still in high school, parents should let their children solve their own problems, encouraging decision making skills. They should also allow for more financial freedom, whether by helping them get a summer job, opening a bank account, or providing an allowance. Giving them physical freedom will also help them make safe decisions in the future. Last, teach them how to cook, and introduce them to basic care...

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