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Raise a source-savvy kid in the age of fake news and internet hoaxes

We live in a technological age where we are constantly surrounded by fake news and hoaxes that can be difficult for adults to spot, never mind children. In fact, a study showed that approximately 82% of kids could not determine what was real and what was fake in terms of news reports. It is important to ensure that your child has maintained an adequate understanding of how to spot internet hoaxes so that they are not victims of potential hoaxing in the future. Key Takeaways: Many times our kids are wont to ask us if a source is good...

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How individualized supports for students with autism promote success in the mainstream classroom

Autism spectrum disorder is a processing disorder. Placing ASD students into classrooms and hoping they learn to interact just by watching is setting them up for failure. Schools need to ask why the student is being mainstreamed and find goals for the student. Each child needs accommodations and for some, mainstreaming might not be an answer at all. ASD students will be challenged with sensory issues and comprehension of language. Strategies such as visual lessons, organization milestones, consistent rules, and capitalizing on special interests can help increase chances of success. The school and student need to work together and...

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31 Outside Activities for Kids

Spending time in outdoor activities can be extremely healthy, and in a world of digital overstimulation, it is so crucial to keep them alive. Some activities for kids to do outside include starting a small garden or picking produce at an orchard. Take walks and bike rides with the whole family and have picnics. Spot different kinds of wildlife, insects, and plants. Build a fort, have a bonfire and stargaze. Take art projects, meals, and other everyday activities such as homework, outside. Key Takeaways: When the weather is nice, it is a lot easier to encourage kids to go...

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Fuel Your Fitness!

Ensuring that your children have quick access to healthy snacks is vital in knowing that they’re gaining the proper nutrition throughout the day. Some ways to do this are by pre-slicing fruit or vegetables so that they have easy access to it throughout the day. Also be sure to carry non-perishable items that have wholesome nutritional content on you at all times, just in case they wind up getting hungry and needing a snack while you’re out and about. Key Takeaways: A good way to ensure healthy snacking is to create your own trail mix, which can be stored...

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Ways Parents Can Cut Down on Sugar

As a parent, it is your job to display healthy eating habits around your children so that they have the motivation to model these balanced behaviors. Cutting back on sugar is hard with so many sweet treats that we reach for throughout the day, but taking simple steps can allow you to rid your diet of high sugar content. One method is to start by looking for 100% whole wheat cereal varieties instead of opting for those that have high fat and sugar content. Key Takeaways: Sugar consumption in excess leads to dental carries and one too many pounds,...

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