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Coding Gifts for Tweens: Ages 10, 11, 12

Coding Gifts for Tweens The holidays are a great time to give the gift of learning. Ages 10 to 12 is the perfect time to introduce young kids to Computer Science and further their interest in STEM. Apart from Hour of Code or generic coding kits, there are plenty of learning resources to explore to help your child develop critical thinking skills. These essential skills can help set your kids up for an enriching middle and high school Computer Science education. Below is an updated list of the best toys, games, gadgets, and apps for tweens, to help you...

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How to Code a PacMan Game (No Maze) | Intermediate Scratch Tutorial

Let’s build a PacMan game — except without the maze! Use the arrow keys to control PacMan, and try to collect as many balls as you can without getting touched by the ghosts. Each time a ghost touches you, you lose a life, so be careful because you only have five lives. When you run out of lives, the game ends! Who is this for? Coding experience in language: Intermediate Juni Level: Scratch Level 2 Challenge Level: Medium Learning outcomes Core concepts practiced: Cloning Functions Prerequisite concepts to know/review: Loops If statements/event listeners How to move sprites/change costumes Demo Click run to see the project yourself below! You can also view my project solution code if you get stuck. Before you start, consider the following: How does the game start and end? What are the interactions between sprites? PacMan and ghost collisions, PacMan and ball collisions What are the interactions between the user and the game? Click to start, arrow keys to move Pay attention to our variables! When does the number of lives change? When does the number of points change? General order of steps to implement: Set up game beginning Set up game basics Moving PacMan & ghosts Set up points & lives Creating balls Creating variables & changing them appropriately Use functions to reset the ghosts when appropriate Add any bonuses you want! Feel free to...

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