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NQT Mentoring – The Most Important Job In Teaching?

A newly-qualified NQT teacher is always paired with a mentor. For both it should be a valuable interim. Newbies get to try out their wings with the safety net of a teacher that’s been there and more than likely seen it all. For the mentor there’s the chance to kick the dust off their own practices and see how well they really translate for the newest generation of educators. Plus, they can see what the newest in education thinking looks like up-close and personal. Mentoring may not seem as critical as teaching, but when one measures the impact the...

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Does physical activity have special benefits for people with autism?

Physical activity is even more beneficial to those on the spectrum than neurotypical (NT) children due to how it can improve many areas that they struggle with such as fundamental motor skills. By sampling a variety of different activities, you can find which ones adapt well with the child so that they reach the optimal benefit. Simple activities such as walking to school can greatly increase their level of physical activity throughout the day without being too physically enduring. Key Takeaways: Physical activity can help with fundamental gross motor skills which many people on the spectrum struggle with. Try...

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School Sports That Encourage Learning

It is predicted that over 20% of students are overweight before they even enter the public school system. This is quite concerning, and society is often looking for ways to combat these levels of obesity. A great way to do this is by incorporating physical activity through sports. Remaining mindful that not all students are naturally competitive is important in finding a team sport that can accommodate to all of their interests and physical needs. Key Takeaways: By the end of primary school, up to thirty percent of students are obese. Schools should offer a variety of sports, including...

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How To Make Your Classroom Happier

A happy classroom thrives. Students are awarded the best opportunity to learn and the teacher is able to go home each day feeling rewarded and as if she made a difference in the lives of those whom she’s dedicated her life to teach.

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How Do You Prepare for the New Term At School?

Being a teacher is one of the most rewarding professions, but it definitely comes with some diligence in the areas of planning and assertiveness. In order to promote higher levels of efficiency within your curriculum, develop a timetable so that you can easily keep track of your student’s schedule. Learning new ways to politely say no to your students is also a good way to make sure that you can maintain a friendly sense of order within the room. Key Takeaways: Practicing polite ways to say no is imperative in maintaining light order within the classroom. A timetable in...

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