Blogging in the Classroom

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Once a grammar-free, stress-free diary-style platform, blogging in the classroom has evolved since its early years and has become a powerful technological tool that teachers can employ in their classrooms. By encouraging the use of blogging, teachers are able to help students practice and refine their writing skills.

Do your students understand the concept of a digital footprint?

Discuss the importance of protecting students’ digital footprints while engaging with others online.  There are certain guidelines to doing this.  First of all, follow all privacy rules.  It’s very important to be aware of cyberbullying and ensure that your blog posts and comments are never offensive.  Try not to be mean-spirited by ignoring other people’s opinions.

Classroom blogs can help strengthen many other important skills. Students involved in a group blog have to learn to work together and collaborate. They learn to listen to others and to express themselves clearly. Hopefully, they also learn to better understand how their own perspective influences their thoughts and opinions and – perhaps – consider how changes in perspective change a story. So how does one create a blog and get students involved in this exciting collaborative exercise? Read on to learn more about the technical ins and outs and get started today.

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