A toy that can spark young imaginations to create and build is a valuable toy and a toy that can encourage group play and cooperation among children is also a great toy and when you can put both of these aspects into one fun toy – you have a real winning combination.
A building toy that can be changed and rebuilt depending on the whims of the children playing with will make a toy that your kids and their friends don’t become bored with too quickly. Toys that encourage group play among children help develop valuable social skills and allow children to learn to get along better. Toys the encourage cooperation also promote valuable communication skills among children.
A super building set for your kids that will fit the bill is the Quadrilla Twist and Rail Set that is for children from 4 years of age and up. The Quadrilla has 147 straight and curved pieces that fit together in any way your children choose to build them. This set can make many different kinds of models for your children to experiment and drop the 50 marbles one by one down the ramps, slides and chutes they build.
Your children can spend hours building mazes to drop the marbles down and experiment to see which way the marbles go best, fastest and even build two skinny towers side by side and have marble races. The choices of what to build are as endless as what your children can imagine in their heads.