Children and pets, is there anything cuter? While cute, it may not always be an option for a family. You may not live in an area or environment that is conducive to owning pets. You may not have the time to properly care for an animal or perhaps someone in the family has allergies.

Whatever the reason owning a pet may not be possible but children love them and there are some advantages to pets. It can teach responsibility as well as helping to develop a nurturing side. Even if you are not able to own them perhaps you can visit someone who has pets and would love the company. Or even a visit to an animal shelter for an older child might be appropriate. If relatives have pets you can always try to arrange visits with them. This also allows time to be spent with family, which is always a good thing.

Perhaps a visit to a petting zoo would be in order. That provides the hands-on experience that you are unable to have at home. There are usually caregivers around that can answer questions and tell your child a little about the animals. This always brings smiles and makes them feel very grown up with all of their newfound knowledge.