A play tent is just the thing to encourage imaginative play in your children. Remember when we were young and wished we had a special place that was all our own, just like the grown ups? Your children probably do too, so why not surprise them with a play tent from SensoryEdge.
We have so many styles and sizes to choose from that there is sure to be a play tent that would be a perfect match for your child’s interests.
Boys would likely love a Command HQ play tent. This camouflage pattern nylon tent comes with mesh covered windows to let ventilation in and keep insects out. Let your little men have hours of imaginative play time scouting out the enemy and running reconnaissance missions from the safety of their home base back yard play tent.
Or perhaps a Fire House Kid’s play tent would be more to your child’s liking? Or maybe she’d rather play Pocahontas with a Giant Kid’s Teepee play tent?
What little girl wouldn’t be thrilled with her very own Princess Castle play tent? She can be Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty or any of her favorite story book princess characters with this wonderful play tent to spark her imagination. SensoryEdge has many more play tents that are perfect for setting your child’s imagination into action.