Nothing can be more terrifying and heart wrenching than sending your child away overnight whether at a friend’s sleepover birthday party, or to live in a college dorm. You lie awake wondering if they are homesick or if they remembered to brush their teeth. But most importantly, you wonder if they are comfortable enough in their surroundings to get a good night’s sleep.
You can’t go with him on that first sleepover, nor can you tag along to chaperone her college education. What you can do is send a little bit of home with them to help you both make the transition just little bit easier.
Thankfully, the Cricketzzz slumber bag gives you a way to do just that. When you choose Cricketzzz you’re not only giving your child a comfortable place to lay his head, you’re giving him the security of knowing that you care.
The slumber bag is plush and soft, so it doesn’t FEEL like a sleeping bag, it feels like he’s been tucked into his own bed. With an incredibly soft interior and a supple detachable pillow, your little (or big) boy or girl will be snoozing contentedly even before lights out. And since each slumber bag is made from 100% polyester and cotton materials, it will get him through this sleepover, and many more in the years to come. Your kids will love it almost as much as you do!
The Cricketzzz slumber bag comes in a wide variety of colors, patterns, and themes so kids can choose the perfect one to match their own style. Not only is this a great way for kids to express their individual tastes, but it gives them another level of comfort by providing them something handpicked and unique to take along with them while they’re away.
In addition to a great night’s sleep, when the fun is over and it’s time for him to return home, Cricketzzz slumber bag’s come with Velcro straps that allow it to fold up tight and store away easily until the next trip. This prevents bulky sleeping bags taking up space on camping trips or in living room closets.
Most importantly to remember is that choosing the right sleeping bag for your child isn’t only about the brightest colors or coolest characters; it’s about giving him a simple reminder of your love and care, even when you aren’t physically present. That is the cornerstone for independence, and will help give him the courage and security for many more (and longer) sleepovers in the future.